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Violent extremists. If you read Nick recipes and piece, this is the guy who was at the national counterterrorism better correctly points out that what we should be investing in as part of a smart security initiative is combating this violent extremism. I did a lot of that work when I was in the administration at the. The OJ and other people did that in this administration has backed off that commitment if we are concerned about terrorism we ought to make sure that the TSA people at the airports are on their game that they're not distracted. You get distracted. When you don't have a paycheck. And you're wondering how you're gonna pay the rent. I don't wanna distracted baggage screener or security screener, and that's totally unfair to know the Pilots Association. I'm sure you saw Mr Chairman just wrote to the White House saying we are airspace is unsafe. We're you know, what could possibly go wrong. Right. Not paying air traffic controllers and TSA agents, some of whom were calling in sick having to get other jobs. You tweeted eight hundred thousand workers are furloughed or working without pay. Democrats already voted to end the Trump shutdown down ready to pass legislation to fund commonsense. Effective border security. It's time for Republicans in congress and wake up and do their jobs, and certainly all of the polling is in our direction on this. And and yet. You've literally got the president saying things like this could go on for years. So I can relate to these people when they just have to make adjustments. And I'm seeing more of these stories though, Mr Chairman this morning maxing out credit cards, borrowing money from relatives searching for interest free loans federal workers under families are doing whatever they can to save a few dollars and by the shutdown continues. With no end in sight, many are fearful weeks can go by without another payday forcing them to take on debt or find side jobs in order to cover housing and food costs. I mean, one story effort for another for Catherine Smith, a shutdown has meant foregoing her medication for lupus in order to pay the bills and buy food. I mean, the fact that these are decisions Americans are having to make chairman Peres because of some ridiculous vanity wall that he's apparently being forced to stick to buy who an Poulter Rush Limbaugh. It is. Untouchable. I I had.

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