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As previously mentioned, you you did used to do you still do dancing? I still dance company anymore. But yes valley or hippo everything everything. Yeah. And growing up you said you were doing ballet. But was there a dance that you liked more than the other ballot? You did like valley that was like my thing. Right. And you know, I was forced to do when I was younger when you would go and dance with other companies like there was a curriculum. So you'd have to take jazz other things, you know, and I did it just to do it. Right and. Yeah. Mine typically. Yeah belly. Right. So you can relate a lot to Julius. Okay. Really me. Which is why here here? N-no this. Why new? You did dance. I knew knew, but like you date black men, which is the thing that she does. So it's like, you know, like get it makes it. Yeah. L arenas. Great though. Okay. Well, so for those of you who are listening for the first time, this is a film review podcast, we review films of leading black actors. We talk about them in the context of race in diversity in Hollywood. Dry helps me out when I say that I I like to give them a little extra encouragement 'cause I'm all about today. We are reviewing the two thousand and one film, save the last dance starring Julia child and Sean past Julia, south high. Oh, sorry. Julia. Chows cook. Julia child is the real person. That's the Julia and Julia, right? Julia stiles, that's funny that their names rhyme. Sean, Patrick Thomas, Ed, Kerry, Washington, of Of course, course, count. count notice shoes in the movie. I I was like oh my God. That's washington. Yeah. But it's so funny when like people like become even more famous you back, and you're like they were in that. So those were kind of our three main players in it. You also had fragile star who played Malachi who is like the frontal. And then Terry Kinney who played Julius dad in the movie. Now, this movie was a huge hit easy when it came in two thousand one it was also like an MTV film one of their which they used to do a avid seen him. When I saw I was like we used to do a lot of them. They used to do a lot of also the last one I remember was Napoleon dynamite. Maybe they've done some afterward. No, they definitely have. But I don't think they used to be a much bigger hits than they are. I don't remember what the last one is. But they have done it after Napoleon for sure haven't stopped. Yeah. This movie made a hundred and thirty. One million dollars worldwide ninety one million domestically forty million form, we don't the I'm Debbie doesn't say what its budget was. But there's no way it says thirteen million it's thirteen million on Wicky. So that it may ten times its budget. Yes, or yeah. There was an MTV movie. Yeah. Yeah. That's right and the intonations and I was telling drought. This actually this'll be fun draw knows already, but this is considered the number five highest grossing dance film, like a movie about dancing or any type of dancing in some capacity. Do you can you guess what the number one movie is? And you really have to expand your mind when you think of dancing because I'm talking about any style of dancing. All right. I feel like it's going to be. So something something old very old kinda newish. No, really US. Ten years. What's that one with? I so close now. You you. Okay. She's guessing Lau. It's a good guess. Yeah. Not terrible. What James you have? Guess you're saying you have to you're saying in order to guess, it the have to broaden what I view as a dance film. Yes. Yes. Yes. Come back to me. What was your guests before? I said that. I mean, I didn't. I mean, I don't I didn't have one I'm trying to I'm trying to think of what I know. Okay movie. What's it called, Mike? Channing tatum. Magic mike. Got it. Yeah. That's crazy. Magic makes sense. Mike does. Yeah. Never turn on that. Never forget the day. I came home and cat was watching magic Mike and she saw it. You caught me this. Does she stop watch? She can keep watching it. And she said, she didn't shoot said. No, no, no..

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