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If we like, if we keep likening it to Brazil 2000 a day now I don't know if I missed that. Someone did the maths where if the again and it's always it's context is always different when you change the point system. But if it was the current point system including the fastest lap award. The Felipe Massa would have won anyway, but I certainly point. Yeah, regardless of. Is that gone? Is that God going slowly? It is. Say, regardless of that, we would have been robbed of that moment. It just would have been our Hamilton passing block, but not enough. Go to pass whoever was in front of you. To do that, sorry. Isn't that interesting? Yeah. It was, it's a slotting duals moment, but, you know, this is the point system that we've got including the sprint race format. So yeah, well, let's just yeah. I'm still holding at hope that this will be this will be tight one, and certainly Lois winning this rice. It's just it's not over. It's by any stretch of the imagination. I mean, the gap is closing up in this desperately running out of that well Mercedes running out of laps, but they're not out of the rice entirely either. So you know what? The championship is heating up so much. I may even watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix live on the 5 minute reply. I would hope so if it's the title to cider, it's only midnight. Of course I wouldn't be mad. You know, I'm quite happy to, while the season is, you know, going through going through the motions of happy to sit out for a little bit longer, but let me know when it gets good, you know, I'll treat it. Yeah, yes, well, you know, you probably. I mean, I think catal is probably going to be no good, but I will say I think what's also interesting here is that it was the way Mercedes won this rights. They were very fast. Almost like Mercedes of old, almost. They weren't quite that fast. But this season's changed a lot, right? We turned up to tracks. We kind of always predict who's going to win there in a couple where we have been able to, but for the most part, it's been very difficult to pick. And we came to Brazil and it was maybe soft in the Red Bull camp, maybe 50 50. But that was just so much faster than Red Bull, which is probably why Christian Horner keeps accusing them of cheating, but they were so much faster. That it sort of has thrown a lot of the predictions out the window for the rest of the season like already people were saying Saudi Arabia is probably Mercedes Benz because it's all power and they're all straight line speed. Abu Dhabi's faster now as a track because of the changes, so it's probably a little bit more in the Mercedes direction. You would think Qatar is probably going to be Red Bull, but maybe now, but this is the thing. If we base it on Brazil, Mercedes you would almost expect to just walk home now. Well, to be honest, I've got my money still on Yamaha to win at the Qatar. Very good. Cross border reference. How many people watch for the GP of this podcast? I don't know. Yeah, the box of two stroke Discord is going off. His three people in there. Yes, it's popping off absolutely popping up. So I think that's the beauty of this season. We can't predict what's gonna happen and the ugliness of the season is that we have to wait only 5 more days to find out who's gonna win the category of too many races. Please remove at least three. I'm not a crackpot. I can only train. We can only absolutely dream of that. They're only controversial part of this race other than all the penalties and the cheating accusations that they're actually a lot of controversial parts of this race. But what are the controversial parts of this race was Max Verstappen's defending of Lewis Hamilton? Now I propose to you, rob. Have you seen this defensive maneuver? No. I haven't, but well, I propose to you we have a live viewing now. You can scroll to the highlight. Okay, so I want to know your gut opinion. So on the old YouTube. Oh, I know that Verstappen and Hamilton got toe to toe again. Oh yeah, that'll probably be it. Wow, they've even pulled out a single yes. Go on. Well, it's well it's illegal to play these highlights. So I'll play them, but I trust that you will appropriately substitute I don't know, the mother and son theme song underneath, which will be hilarious given my reactions for.

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