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Samantha Devin associate fellow in the Russia and Eurasia program at London's chatham House tells us about the youth and inexperience of the Russian forces The Russian army that is going into Ukraine is made up mainly of conscript not only constructs We do have special forces there are the so called Wagner elite forces there are some Chechen brigades but the bulk of the army going in there are conscripts These are young boys who are badly trained Many of them seem to be from the pictures we're getting of the prisoners of war seem to be from the Central Asian parts of Russia These are parts of Russia where the population is of mongoloid origin So they're not the Slavic brothers that the Ukrainians and Russians would see each other as These are boys who are going in there some of them don't even know they're going to war Some of them thought they were going on an exercise And when they realized that they were having live munitions being fired at them they first of all did not understand what was happening And this is again typical of the Russian warfare when it starts going to war in its near abroad or in its own territory The soldiers themselves don't have a clue what they're doing And that is a big tragedy These young boys the Russian boys are dying in dishonor The Ukrainian soldiers who are dying are dying heroes The Russians their parents will be lucky if they ever know how they really died and if they do get their bodies back As an analyst that looks at it from all sides what are your thoughts about some type of no fly zone Do you bristle at the west for not being willing to do that The President Biden specifically That's a really hard question because it is very hard I've been analyzing this part of the world for the best part of 30 years Of course from a real politic point of view And there fly zone is inviting disaster It's inviting direct confrontation with Russia There's an emotional side and emotions are running pretty high in Europe right now where people are thinking how can we really watch a country being destroyed on our borders But there's something really interesting that I would like to say about this no fly zone It would clearly put us on the path to confrontation with Russia or get as much closer to real armed confrontation between NATO and Russia with all the implications of that can have And there's something else I think it was two days ago Jens Stoltenberg the NATO secretary general said NATO will not be implementing a no fly zone over Ukraine The next day Vladimir Putin continued with his threats saying if anybody no fly zone will be considered to be an act of war Now if he was really serious about deescalating the rhetoric he would have answered Jens Stoltenberg's declaration by saying I'm glad to see that NATO has decided to refrain from the no fly zone He could have found a way to also have more conciliatory rhetoric Was he ups his rhetoric This again does not bode well for any negotiations.

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