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Big Fail moment on their part so all right anything else about Catholic sookie or either as we should call him all right all right. Let's move on topic number three the editor and the mighty Jagr fess so so. What are your thoughts on our big bads? This time Simon Pegg is just chewing that scenery and I love it. No you can't do anything bad. Can't he's just he's so much fun to watch. Obviously he's a doctor who fan from back in the day so he probably really geeked hard on this I I mean he just he Cami is playing in essentially bet businessman. WHO's trying to sell something as an trying trying to please the higher ups with I mean? Obviously he is the human representative the coalition of this group of banks who are under the service of the geographies. Though I I will admit when I was watching him this time around. I got some vibes of the SIM master Bouncy kind of Sir. You keep pumping that thing. Open my forehead stock in but But yeah he he does have a semester vibe. I never really thought about that. But you're right maybe it's just because the goatee and the little the short cropped hair this was also written by Russell t davies so maybe just kind of likes that kind of Guy Hi fi or at least that kind of bad guy bad but as having the time of their life do I get exactly exactly exactly and Johnson Kinda chewed the scenery quite a bit as the master to obviously. So how can you not though your doctor who Bagai Guy. How can you not do that scenery and enjoy it? At least I would if I had the opportunity I know I would So Yeah Yeah. The editor is essentially. See the designated representative from the bank. Like you said His his is essentially the checker festivals handler. He's the guy that like. Okay I know you WanNa do your whole big evil thing but You know like I'm GonNa help you but this is how we're GonNa do it We essentially talks about how the empire behind all this is essentially controlling. Humans Talking about how that humankind has been controlled by the mighty Jagger US and they've been manipulating the news. Creating a climate the fear controlling the economy and keeping the borders closed and Again Very prescient of twenty nineteen a little bit too uncomfortable right. Yeah about how things are these days. So yeah sounds familiar. Doesn't it So so Once again Dr who calling the predicting the future. So essentially humanity has become enslaved without really knowing that their slaves the doctors not up for the philosophical debate. No no he's not really down with that. Especially since Earth favourite planet as we know He's a little protective of it and because for what they use investment so much time into it by now he's he's a feels a little protective of it and possessive. And it's like don't you be messing with my people we gotta get to the year. Five billion I all this work. Do I save earth time and time again so you WANNA keep messing this up as I do. Wonder the Jagger says an entity was needed. Considering I mean we get we see Simon Perez editor doing all this stuff barking the orders to the you know I guess you could say chip controlled corpses at this point. Right but the Jagger fans is just sort of suspended from the ceiling and his gnashing around Blake the MGM Studios Lines are wrong. I mean I mean now we want to see those opening credits I want to see the MGM credits with jacker offense. That would be hilarious. I mean see. It says that the geographies does all this but we don't see it. Yeah and it's not verbal so you can't tell us what he's doing. The geography is essentially. He's upper management. That doesn't don't do a whole lot. You know like in corporations you know. Just he's Kinda there he's kind of annoying. He talks a lot but he doesn't really accomplish much. It's mostly up to his underlings link. That does all the heavy lifting the editor. So so and the editor is there to kind of placate the jacker fast to essentially go like okay. Okay whatever boss you know. I'm on it. Relax just chill. I've got this Don't worry You know just keep barking your orders. I'M GONNA do my thing and everybody you'll be happy. Don't worry I do wonder why the Tartus did not translate wait. What was going on about? Well let's well you know sometimes like in the impossible planet there are You know if it's older than tortoise maybe doesn't translate very well something really old. But I'm the time before the universe began. There is only the beast and Dagger Fez hanging from the ceiling blah. Exactly I don't know it it. Just yeah he just kind of hanging there going like. I wish some people would come along this. This is getting really dull just hanging here okay. I'M GONNA I'm GonNA count the dots on this ceiling over here now. Really bored out of his mind. Finally some people finally people show up and I can boss them around. Ray All right but the He's a yeah. I'm not sure exactly what the geographies really brings apart from. Just looking very intimidating as this kind of really angry on the ceiling but I mean one of the I think the general the Hor- humans the human great the fourth grade powerful Human Pam Human Empire. Excuse me is not being controlled by humans and you want us. If you want to sell the point you make the only and look at the least bit human as possible and obviously do that by taking away. Identifying humanoid NYC Caracteristics such as limbs and is right. And that's and that's kind of one of the things that the editor is very good at is that he sees kind of the where the trouble trouble-makers are and makes an effort to kind of take them off the board so they keep that control. I think so Anything else about these characters Anything else about the episode. You WanNa talk about before we get into our favorite quotes. I think this one gets a kind of a bit of bad rap unnecessarily I mean. It's not a perfect episode. But what what which one is in all honesty. That's true. I mean a lot of people. Sure would say blink but but that one doesn't even have the doctor in it a lot. So how is that really perfect. I mean I I think it's also a Nicholson episode episode. And he gets real Shane that he was only the doctor for the one series. So any I think any episode with him in it should be treasured. And I I mean molly nudging the faults and I think this is a perfectly decent episode. I have no. I have nothing against this episode. I think there's obviously been much worse episodes of Dr who I think this is kind of like right in the middle somewhere. I think it's safe to say it's not horrible. It's not superb but but it's perfectly quickly decent and And it's like a lot of fun and obviously it's fun watching. Simon Pegg is a bad guy. So how can you go wrong with that. My opinion all right So do you only favorite quotes see. I got a couple for it so this one. It's it's a kind of an exchange between a nurse. It's an atom it's what are you a student and Adam replies. Yes I yeah. I'm are on a research project from the University of Mars and the nurse replies in the Martian boondocks. That's a good one. I remember that that's good any others you got. It's one of the editor create a climate of fear. And it's easy to keep. The borders close is just a matter of emphasis. The right word in the write broadcast repeated needed often. Enough can step to stabilize. Economy invented enemy and Change Vote Nice. That's good yeah. I liked the doctor to Adam early on the episode where he's kind of giving time travel instructions a little bit and he goes thing. Is Adam time travel is like visiting Paris. You can't just read the guidebook you've got to throw yourself in eat. The food use the wrong verbs get charged double and ended up kissing complete strangers. Or is that just me. Stop asking he questions. Go and do it so little time. Travel advice from the doctor and how to effectively time travel Also liked Catholica and the doctor where she goes. Come on. How can you get on board without knowing how where you are in the doctor? Replies look at me I'm stupid read. That's great that was good And then I have the the doctor and the editor where the doctor who says you mean that things in charge of satellite five and the editor replies that thing as you put it is in charge of the human race for almost one hundred years. Mankind kind of been shaped and guided his knowledge ambition. Strictly controlled by the broadcast. News edited by my Superior Your Master and humanities guiding lights the the mighty Jacker Fest of the Holy Hadra Jessica Mexa Rodent. Fro- I call him Max Yeah that's a bit of a tongue twister by the ways. Apparently Simon Pegg had trouble with that a little bit during the Jin. Yeah it's a tough one Do you have any other quotes. Just just one more from Adam's mother Oh let me look at you only six months. It's like as time goes by just like that. Yup snap interface and that was I thought that was a fun way to end the episode. I like that all right So what's your ready for this one. I if this eight out of ten prompt burgers it's not the best but it's not the worst end. It is perfectly sustainable. Decent like doctor who comfort food. Yeah exactly so we're in sync. I totally agree I gave it added up ten mighty jacker fences of the Holy Hydra. Jessica Mexa it's a rodent foe so points do you. I mean it's tricky but but I've had L. practice. I guess which is harder to say that erects a CALICO fell Torius. I think the I think the magic of the Holy Hydrogenic Jessica Mexican Road Info is a little tougher than Mexico fouled Pretorius. But that's all right. Yes I'm showing off so all right so reverse the player this time if you enjoy the long game and hope he did. I recommend going back to all the way back to one thousand nine hundred seventy five to check out something from the classic era with the Ark in space the second serial season twelve and nineteen seventy five written by Robert Holmes one of my favorite writers from the classic era. This is a Tom Baker era story with the fourth. Doctor where we have the hardest materializing realizing on space station NERVA in the year. Sixteen thousand an eighty seven. So that's kind of where the similarity is where we have a another big space station in the future where things go horribly horribly wrong. And this time while the fourth doctrine Harry Sullivan explore surging urging Smith gets transported away and placed into a cryonic suspension by the station. Computer Harry and the doctor realized that the station is surprise. Some kind of arc just like the space right Discovering Sarah Harry searches for a resuscitation unit but Discovers the mummified alien insect instead of a woman called Vera revised from suspended animation to revise both Sarah and Noah who is Space Station nervous. Leader the doctor tells vera that nervous inhabitants have overslept by several millennia. Thanks to the insect visitor that sabotaged the control. Systems no investigates the power room is infected by an alien creature called a Wearne. The doctor realizes the alien insect laid eggs inside the missing crewmen who became a wearne now inhabiting nerva..

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