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Australian activist is struggling to complete one hundred marathons in one hundred days across the world as she attempts to raise awareness about global water shortages and to encourage people to conserve a spokesman for me Guli. So she's halfway through a walk the rest of the marathons. This spokesman says specialists believe she should be okay to continue her journey after being diagnosed with a stress fracture in her right femur. As long as she walks. Guli who's forty eight is the founder of thirst a nonprofit group focused on teaching youth in China about sustainable consumption of water, she's visited areas afflicted by water shortages and still has marathons to run in Australia and Latin America before finishing in New York on February eleventh. New York's governor rallied supporters against the president's immigration policies. And as a piece Jackie Quinn reports. He did it as he was sworn in for a third term governor injury Cuomo a democrat gave his inauguration speech at the historic Ellis Island immigration center, noting. That's where his grandparents and President Trump's grandparents arrived when they immigrated to America, he's blasting the White House for fuelling anger and fear against those from other countries. Easiest target to blame is always the people who are different. And this federal government has sought to demonize out differences and make our diversity our greatest weakness rather than our greatest strength while some thought Cuomo sounded like a presidential candidate. He says, he's focusing on New York. I'm Jacky Quin. Qatar Airways says now holds a five percent share in China. Southern airlines. The move will help expand the carriers. Reach in one of the world's fastest growing aviation markets. Qatar Airways group says the acquisition of additional shares of China's southern supports its overall investment strategy China. Southern Airlines is a member of sky team alliance. That includes Delta Air, France and others despite losses of its revenue last year due to a boycott from neighboring Gulf states Qatar Airways maintains its the world's fastest growing airline. Hi. I'm Megan crane AP digital manager and host of the podcast ground game. Look at the top political issues bubbling up around the country ahead of this year's midterm elections. It's available on apple podcasts and podcast one. While you're there be sure to subscribe rate review, it that's the podcast ground game..

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