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To 78 in Game seven. The Boston Celtics Toronto ticket to nothing lead of the defending champion wrappers around too. I'm Dave Anthony, This is Fox News. We'll be wearing masks in Oklahoma City awhile longer. Good morning. I'm Jacqueline Scott in the Katie. Okay. New Center. This is Oklahoma's first news showers and low eighties today are forecast is coming up. The Oklahoma City Council extends the city's mask ordinance stocked over. 20th originally proposed to extend the ordinance to November 30th after Thanksgiving. But Councilman David Greenwell suggested the earlier dates. I think, uh, when we break this down into smaller segments, I think it's gonna be more acceptable, more agreeable by Most of the people. Hopefully, the final vote was 6 to 3. The extension will take effect when the current ordinance expires on September 8 governor Kevin States urging people to use face masks in public, but he says he will not issue a statewide mandate. The governor says data show a decrease in Kobe 19 cases once people start wearing masks, but he says he does not believe in mandating something statewide. The school superintendent Joy Hofmeister says about 75% of Oklahoma's public schools started the school year with in person instruction, but not all were able to remain open, at least 110 of our districts or in person. Have seen positive cases in their schools, and most of these incidents have resulted in disruption of Corentin, she says. Children need schools to be open and the best way for that to happen is for everyone to wear mask Actor and filmmaker Ron Howard's established a scholarship to the University of Oklahoma for rural students who want to study drama. Cowardice from Duncan. The scholarship is named after his parents Ransom G. Howard, who also were actors. They.

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