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This is that you may know as the one who makes freaky faces in front of news cameras and appropriately right. She has just been born in December of nineteen ninety. Five and Chad actually detailed very thoroughly. How traumatic IMOs birth was Tammy apparently was at home and started reading profusely, and she says she heard a pop. Oh my God. What. Is it, and so, how does that happen? There's no there are no other details as far as what happened. But tammy was rushed into the hospital, and it was super traumatic. Lots of blood loss and Emma was born via an emergency C, section way. Why would it be a pop consumed? Please explain this to me I, mean I don't get it scared? So that possibly explains why. Emma ends up. I would say very much obviously being his favorite. And we'll get to that later so moving onto nineteen ninety-seven Chad there was a massive snowstorm in Springville Utah massive. It took down trees, and Chad had to get out there uproot trees. Move Them Up. gravestones pickup gravestones the whole bit, and he says that he was out there working on the cold when he heard a voice say out loud an audible voice. Mind you. It's time to write your book. It's time to write your book. I want to say that Rodman. Rodman go for it. Okay, thank you. It's time to write your books. Yes, Kochav. Is that the waste of God? Yeah, I'M GONNA. Be Morgan Freeman. Where's Morissette moving onto March Seventeenth? So two years later? Chad table publishes has very first book an errand for Emma Errands for at that doesn't sound completely amish I. Don't know what does I would never expect that to be LDS in D. E. in today's type literature, but here I digress and Aaron for Laura Ingle. Little House on the Utah Prairie an errand for Laura ingle because she has scarlet fever. Now moving all the female, the book of Fiction Story set in eighteen, sixty eight. Oh, boy, with the teenage girl as the main character now Chad claims that it's based on his daughter Emma and her personality and she was just a couple years old at that point, so k., so in a newspaper article regarding the release of his first book, Chad talks about being a cemetery sexton. He says it is just because it's physical, not mental work, and it allows him more time with his family and also more time to write books, so he doubles down on writing, being his his future right. Again Tammy gets pregnant in the summer of Nineteen, Ninety nine and her son Mark was born in March of two thousand. You think that they would come up with a little bit more creative names, the A- and they've been playing very planned names in early, two, thousand and one. Chat claims that Tammy's grandmother had a visit from a deceased ancestor. The ancestor supposedly think Chattan Tammy Tammy's grandmother for submitting Temple Paperwork. In the ancestors name. Here is some in the reason that I bring this up is because the mystery that we've all been trying to solve is how much Hammy knew about Chad's visions about his beliefs about this right? Apparently in two thousand and one as early as Chad talks about how he and Tammy discussed the vision and so on. On and so forth and Tammy took it very seriously also in two thousand and one had left his cemetery sexton job, and starts working for access computer products in Provo Utah, and his books are still he still writing? He has a book out called Chasing Paradise Chancing, Paradise and something that's really interesting is in a lot of LDS fiction in the times like near death experience, EPA stuff. You'll see it Jason Maoz books as well. There's always like fight scenes gladiators..

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