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Packers tom savage at the rams or broadway fits you know the only other die in that in that list that i think i would have gone with in lieu of fits would have been jacoby percent yeah but he's planes yet pittsburgh defense is if there is one of the top defense is in the nfl it's at indianapolis anti wise questionable i just worry that pittsburgh defense might be too much form a handle i'm on board with that the only thing i like in that game because of that match of his because they're playing defense they will be down at home for saturday in the long ball rolling the ball a ton because they have no remedy gentleman named laxman okay frank giant areas that come on this roll the ball they're down dogged mostly every flagged mostly they're down double digits mostly yet i i maybe they might a call inaudible here and in role because he i i did consider bruce said as well to think about i do think we're sets a good play this we just because the volume is to suit what about traditional home to the packers man no no dice now i said 'yes that'd be that'd be a play with my heart not my mind we don't play finisher football with our heart with our mind or if the guy who's who's a little more proving with their with their said however the jacoby percent is the more proven quarterback and they do but you're right here and right michie slick baby trying to get it done so let let let's talk about the redskins in the vikings i just something about the redskins i know they want in seattle mean their foreign four there appeared they appear to mind this team kinda stuck in third year you will die their running game is terrible there are a total of onedimensional offense cousins at home pretty good usually but this against a good vikings defense this is an important game for them now i mean the five and four your officially in that playoff conversation foreign five it's going to be it's going to be an uphill battle so this will be an important gain form but that vikings d i we know the.

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