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And I I don't think Joe. Buck hates Philadelphia. I think Joe bucks a really good announcer, regardless of how you feel. I the technical job. Brought Joe buck is sound broadcaster. As there is out there. Chris Collins were that ignores what he's doing? I. Think just sometimes goes a little bit overboard. And never never going to be one of my favorites. Let's put it that way. He was convinced that Brady was going to go down the field and scored can score a touchdown. Yeah. Well, probably because every every one of his pro football, focus statistics or whatever suggested. He owns that site doesn't he for pro football, focus. Eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four pound ninety four ninety four and AT and T Verizon wireless cell phone at this point. And what are we have? We have. But seventeen hours seventeen hours of still being Super Bowl champions. I want you to relish it at Bill today. Relishing the fact that that we have had a whole year to enjoy this. And hopefully will will have the idea of. Being there again. To celebrate once again. My brother-in-law works, right? Kind of catty corner from city hall. He's an act she's an actuary. And I can remember just the the joy that I felt driving into the city and like finding a spot in the Amtrak thirtieth street station parking garage, and then like walking the fifteen blocks or so and getting having him come down from the twenty eighth floor of his office building. Let me in. And then taken the elevator up to the twenty eighth floor looking out at the there had to be a million and the at least a million people. I don't own a who the hell was doing the estimates that day whatever the numbers were. They suggested what was it seven or eight hundred thousand something ridiculous. There were least I could tell you just from what I saw from from above that. If there were two million people at Philadelphia, then I don't know. Then then I'm the ruler of a of a small distant nations somewhere across the world. But I can remember just the just the pure joy. I felt. I get up there. And and just seeing the the way that people came out and just how excited people were and how many people would take off from work, or you know, what their kids basically play hooky from school, or, you know, gotten them out with a doctor's note or a permission slip, or whatever the hell it happened to be. This is such an awesome day parade day. I made sure I was doing a basketball game the night before. And I wasn't sure if I was gonna make it back, and I ended up changing my flight to come back early. Basically raced from the airport to to that thirtieth street parking lot. And then spent the whole day with my brother in law, and and his fiancee, my wife, unfortunately was home pregnant so was unable to attend. But we gave good descriptions about what was going on. So I spent the spent the whole day with my brother-in-law is fiance. Just just kind of walking around and taking it all in and I'm getting getting to see it from above. And then went to went to the bar in his office building. There's like forget what the pub is called in his office building. But it was mobbed and got to watch all the speeches. Listen to all the speeches, including the Kelsey speech, which we're going to play by the way in the last segment of the show. I feel like that's that's kind of the perfect way to to more or less start this day off because it is the the last not even full day that we're going to get to enjoy this. And you know, what if they're going to be people out there that are like? Oh, yeah. They're they're going to look at it. And they're going to be sad. And whatever what. Yeah. You know? We have the right? We have the right to celebrate it. We have the right to be sad that that it is. In fact, going to be somebody else tonight. Because in my lifetime and in a lot of your lifetime. And it basically everyone's lifetime. Other than the. The sixty title, which Super Bowl didn't exist at that point. This is our first one. So you relish in it, you embrace it. And we're going to celebrate it for all it's worth for as long as we can. Because we still have the time. Eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four pound ninety four ninety four ATT wireless cell phone. Let's go back to the phones. Mike in West Chester on ninety four w I p hi, Mike. How you doing? I'm good, buddy. How are you? Well, Jimmy Jimmy brings up the good points. But he does feel the realize a Bill Belgian does a great job taking up against a great defensive line. I don't see them getting much pressure on him. Yeah. I mean think about think about the birds line a year ago. How much did they get how much how much they touch him a little bit? Yeah. A little bit Brandon. Brandon Graham did enough at the end. But yeah, but you're right. You're right. If you look at the whole game is a whole game as much on the that's one thing ninety. It's amazing dropback ninety times. So far the playoffs. Euro sacks. I think twice. Yeah. I mean, I I mentioned the the men's health article that I had been reading where they pulled a bunch of quarterbacks. And that was the first thing that they talked about the fact that less than five percent of the time five less than five percents of the snaps that he's had in the course of his career. He's actually been sacked. And the other hand will get hit. Now. The patriots are not have great. But just a game plan. A checking Scott time he knows what to do. And he's gonna take that. You'll take cuts away the running. I think girly is not going to be a major factor because I don't think he's. He's he's still not healthy, and Anderson Anderson, I think could make a difference. But but you never know they're gonna have to win to win. I think if you forced off the peak, I really can't I really don't think the kid can be. I don't think kid could beat them. They have a good show. The one thing that you do have some really good secondary. Not. Bedroom with your saints for sure. I mean, you know, they've got some low cost work out at the cornerback position and court. He's a solid safety. But they just seem to get the guys out there. And when when the patriots play, and I think there'll be more than motivated when close game is zombie blow out. But I the patron win by field. Oh by few. Wow. Okay. See, I'm a little more. I'm in like, I'm in the. It could be a touchdown camp. But yeah, I think you know, it's tight it's a score. It's the score. Let's just say thirty other say thirty thirty four thirty is. Okay. I like that. I like that. What you have on the baseball fame, Mikey. I'm still it's still disgrace to hell got it. You know, I I don't I get that. What what the heck is he even getting in? He's not even a good player. You not even into the classroom hall thing. That was the biggest disgrace. And the dick did not get in. I don't understand you've got out there like that. He's been around that long deserves to be much more than he does. Yeah. I mean, it's. It's one of the more inexplicable hall of fame picks that there have ever been don't don't get me wrong. I was that I rooted for Harold Baines as a kid I like Toby? But again, did he was he was dominant player pretends five eight to ten years in his career as the best player in the league. No, no, no, six time all star. I mean, you know, good numbers net. Good numbers, not not like and not blow you away necessarily. But but pretty damn good numbers. You pumper you the tournament. I can't wait Matt challenge. Basketball fan, I'm excited. Mike. It's my that. I four days there are always my favorite time of year from from honestly from conference from from the week of conference tournament play. I was actually talking to somebody about this. The other day the whole Atlantic ten tournament week leading up to like almost the second weekend. I'm in heaven at that point my wife wants to kick me out of the house and kind of wait until March is over. But I've always said this. I I always felt like I was born in March for a reason like was like there was there was going to be some sort of association with college basketball. You know that that probably sounds a little. Wacky. But. Just just just with my career path. And and kind of the way it's going down March has always been my my favorite month than. Yeah. Continues to be I'm I'm pumped. I I can't believe starting. That's another great thing. Got to that too. I can't believe though, it's it's a little bit more than a month away. Yeah. I'm I'm I'm about as pump does anybody. So when you get in the federal he really started thinking about you know, because you get thinking about the games in February then get closer. I'll tell you. I think the flyers special going. I really do do you want the the street they got going on Mike, and I I appreciate the phone. Call. Carter heart. Hey, like, I said how how long does it take, you know, before you look at somebody and say, you know, what this this dude is the real deal, and he's young man. Really really young. And they they end up getting another one. So what are they at seven straight? Keep it rolling. You never know. They I mean, they have a lot of work to do. Obviously. Point wise. Think before. Before we we start to get crazy here. I mean think about it. They're still. One two three four or five. They're still the sixth worst team record wise in in the Eastern Conference. They got to blow it up. Slowed up gotta go through a total rebuild seriously. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You got the goaltender. He's young. He's not going anywhere. Just move on from some of your star players get some draft picks. That's what they gotta do. I. Seven wins the loose seven in a row in two weeks. Probably as much as I love g. I'm like, I I always have. Has never felt like a star to me. I mean, he is he is. But like I can remember growing up like what the legion of doom was like Lindros and LeClair. Maybe maybe it was because because I was young. But it always felt like they were Lindros was like larger than life because of the hype that surrounded him and because of what he came in with. It just felt like he was one of those guys that was, you know, the star of stars more or less. You know, it's weird. Like drew had that moment where he cross Crosby without check. It had that goal in that series. And then never really lived up to that ever. Again, really like never move past that I thought like that was his biggest moment, and he's obviously been a great player. He's put up all these hundred point seasons. And you know, he's a Tom score. Yeah. Had a career year. Yeah. But he never really like on the ice is impact. I don't know to me. It's never really surpassed that moment that was so early on. And you you're constantly where is that? I don't know. He's he's inconsistent superstar. That's like makes sense. Puts up. I would I would tear down. Personally, you gotta do you. Gotta do like trust the process thing with them. I mean, I told you front office wise, it it had to be something completely different. You know from from what they're what they're accustomed to. You know, not not somebody that you were an outside the box type pick. Terms of. The hierarchy of their GM. Was was Chuck Fletcher that type of pick? I I don't know. But I guess if you're if they absolutely are in the wind now mentality, and they say that they are I I guess we'll see. It's only been it's been two months. And at least you're you're back in a positive direction. But we'll see. I mean, I think I know how this ends though. Anyway, the narrative is the same as it's always been if you if you do find a way to squeak in like you get in. You get into even gonna win. It. Can you win a series? I don't know..

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