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What they're going through and how to talk to others about it so that they can get help We're seeking WTO P news 9 48 Traffic and weather together on the 8th to Steve dresner in the WTO P traffic center In Maryland and the Waldorf area Seth and route three O one the lanes are blocked before you get to route 5 men a woman beantown road for the multi vehicle crash northbound lanes do remain open New crash Montgomery county northbound local lanes of I two 70 before the exit for shady grove road a single lane does get you by Seth bellings to remain open local lanes as well as through lanes Elegant city northbound 29 before route 100 that crash with a single lane getting by And currently traffic moving well on the capitol bellway throughout Montgomery county and prince George's county moving incident in frame No problems on 95 were the BW Parkway between the two beltways and were in decent shape over on route 50 In the district new crash being reported eastbound side of the freeway near 6th street with a possible lane block southeast Pennsylvania avenue at 8th street report of a crash involving an overturned vehicle In Virginia traffic moving pretty well on the capitol beltway do look out for the ramp on the outer loop to go to south Ben I 95 They're in the clearing stages of an earlier crash partially blocked is the ramp OD's a bit of caution Not finding much of a delays on the southbound side or northbound sides of 95 We're in decent shape on three 95 no issues to report over on 66 Silver diners spring menu has several new plant based options from the vegan and gluten free Thai cauliflower quinoa pasta to their dairy free shake Silver diner dot com eat will be well Steve dresner top of the TOP traffic Two Trump team four meteorologist Samara Theodore It remains pretty chilly and wet temperatures falling down into the 40s Cloudy and cool through the.

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