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The assault on american energy workers continues This with executive order of palooza. Yes did you realize in a build back better administration mile right now for all intents and purposes particularly if you're in the oil and gas industry it's more of a job killing administration. Yes yesterday was climate day. And what did we learn from a climate day. Wow we got more information about president. Joe biden sweeping reforms to curb pollution from those dreaded evil. Fossil fuels well reaction. According to a piece by dennis hispanic in gazette. Well came pretty quickly in the form of criticism praise and yes as kathleen Scott who is president of the western energy alliance Told us just a few days ago. Yes at least one lawsuit courtesy of the western energy alliance now colorado gas industry representatives warned of shocker pending severe job losses in the state while conversely comes as no surprise environmental groups and governor. Jared police praised the new rules as appropriately aggressive and yes the western energy alliance announced that it did indeed as kathleen scott told us file a lawsuit challenging president joe biden's executive order banning oil and natural gas leasing on federal public lands. You know it was fascinating during that a far-reaching conversation with kathleen scott with the western energy alliance where she said. Here's the deal to borrow a phrase. Come on the problem. Well there are many. There are numerous problems with this Sweeping revamp that basically is going to take us from an energy independent nation to one dependent on other nations argued that when it comes to this particular executive order that we're playing right into russia's hands now understand that joe biden and president biden and the vlad stir vladimir putin did have a conversation yesterday where president biden or perhaps. It was the day before yesterday. Check me on that. If i'm wrong but apparently energy wasn't part of the conversation was just a whole lot of huffing and puffing from joe biden saying. Don't you dare. Don't you cross us because there will be a swift and severe repercussions of course the content turf. The specific content of that conversation. Well not exactly abundantly clear but yes. The biden administration sued just yesterday over that executive order to halt oil and gasoline on federal lands and waters this kathleen s- told us here. Here's what you need to understand. You see i if you are working a piece of land that even bumps up against just touches the boundary of a federal designated lander waters as the case may be but let's just the relegate. The conversation for the purposes of this discussion to federal lands even nudges the boundary of one of those protected areas. Well so much for those leases. Now as i understand it. Existing leases are protected. But once again it's one of those stories it's kind of a cautionary tale because this arguably is just the beginning. This is the first swipe at well. Basically knocking the legs out from under the oil and gas industry now. The lawsuit itself was filed in..

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