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There is currently no mask mandate in Plano, y SD, but masks or encouraged in Plano. Clayton Neville, Calif. News News Information Time is five. Oh, four. Let's get a look at right now. Traffic In Plano on Dallas, North Tollway South Pond near Tennison Parkway. The left lanes blocked by an accident that's backed up to 1 21 in Richardson on 75 Sound fun approaching Gallatin Parkway. An accident blocks the right lane. 6 35 West Standard Hillcrest in Dallas, a rank blocks the left lane on I 45 South Founded Brian Downtown. The collision has the left lane blocked in Irving on 1 83 West Underground y there an accident is reported being moved to the right shoulder. On I 20 East Fun at Mountain Creek Park. Why only the right lane is open pass to crash that has everything backed up both directions in Arlington, 9 to 87 South pundits. Sublett Road, an accident blocks the left lane that's backed up yet on Dwight 20. In Denton on I 35 e Sample founded, Fort Worth Drive Wreck just cleared out of the way that left the backup past the I 35 w split with Kayla of Traffic, and Bill Jackson. Now let's get a look at your 5 70 K laugh. News and information forecast Sunshine today with a high around 98 tomorrow more the same with a high of 98 as well Wednesday. Clear Skies high, You guessed it 98 Right now. 95 at DFW Airport. You're accepted with Fox News is in 30 minutes. Breaking news. 24 7 at klm dot com. I'm Jeff Dixon on real news and information. 5 70, Calif. Brought to you by Lone Star Toyota of Lewisville. You could be driving Toyota Good summer savings at Lone Star Tornado blew Smith With a huge inventory of used vehicles in savings on all maintenance $20 off synthetic oil changes Drive along stone Lone Star toilet Lose Will for details. This is news and information. 5 70 K. L I f It's the five bar at the top five stories right now, with Ernie Brown's All Right, Let's start with Number five. That takes us to North Carolina,.

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