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I rode this wave for the next four fucking years and sort of defined this like period of like melancholy, but this like very indulgent melancholy. That's not all bad because you're sort of taking a big look at the bigger picture thing. Indulgent. Melancholy could be one of our wonderful thing. Yeah, I think that there's a definitely an unhealthy way to take that, but I think there's also a harmful harmless and like fun. That's one of the things that I miss most about my twenties melancholy. Yeah, for sure. And this is this is for sure soundtrack to that, but I also think that it transcends it. And I also think it is like one of the most beautiful songs ever written both sort of like lyrically narrative Lee, but also like it checks like all the wine boxes of shit. I love like very simple chord progression, really beautiful harmonies really like a rhythmic acoustic guitar. Like all of that stuff that was all over enlist number days and creek drink the cradle and around the well. And all those albums. It's like, that's like my favorite stuff that does. And the song has at all in this nine and a half minute. It's a fucking superlong song that weirdly like miraculously when it's over you. When somebody does highway heloc Kariuki get fury. Because it's like, okay, the rest of us wanna sing to like I felt all fifteen minutes of that fucking Meatloaf song. Oh, do you mean bad outta outta hell yes. So sorry. This song nine and a half minutes goes by, and I feel like I, I'm I, what if somebody at that. That would actually be terrible. That'd be really, really bad because I don't wanna get that sad when I do sad songs at karaoke. I dunno sometimes is there a good sad karaoke zone that's like. This is a good one, a good prompt. Man, it's tough to say there's good sad songs. I was thinking like yesterday by the Beatles, but like that's not a good karaoke is what's up a sad song. It's a powerful song, fast car. Have you ever seen someone do that carry? Okey, I think I've seen just do. Anyway, the trap he's doing great. It's off around the well which. Well, it's off in good company, but it's also on around the well. If you wanna go listen to it that whole album man that used to be. I would put that whole. I had that whole album of my Zun. It was like two discs and the first disc was like his really lo fi, like the rhythm, like era shit. That was I still, that's still my favorite vinyl actually do. Yeah. Just once one side of one record is the trap. Swing takes up an entire side. It's it's fucking, it's it's it's a beautiful science. When favorite songs do you want to know what some of our listeners favorite stuff is? Yes. Aaron says, I just love seeing little kids with their big backpacks. They're ready to take on the world and their Papa troll backpacks. They're gonna hold it for them. That is the cutest. I, you know what I thought about the other day. People talk about how Henry is going to be older before we know it. Yeah, I pictured him walking into elementary school with a big backpack on listen iron online, almost lost my mind. Oh my God. How could you do that? Just the image of him. You knocked a window. Jessica. He's not even two yet. So we have some time. All our days are numbered, endless uniform horn. Jessica says my partner roasts coffee. So even on days that our schedules don't allow us to see each other. He always a part of my morning in that. Nice that so nice. It gets too hot being territory now love that. But like what? If what, if I made us special hot beings and then when I travelled and you made the hobby in the morning to make the coffee, be perfect, would be like a my stink was all around and get to stop sleeping in your clothes. I don't do that anymore. Hey, this is an emotionally challenging user submission, listener, submission segment, I said, user. Welcome user to the wonderful experience. Please.

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