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Time for another edition of another one on the Robin Lundberg Show, the rumors, reports and ridiculous from the week that Woz Here's Robin Lundberg. Alright, Anthony, What's up first man? All right. Let's start off with the MBA and Nike this week, officially releasing their 20 22,021 City addition, Jersey and Uniformed collection for all 30 of the embassy teams. You have a favorite city addition Jersey. Yeah, the city of this and jerseys air interesting on a year in and year out basis. I mean, I, uh they're they're kind of cool. Those those different looks that they give you I really like the Lakers. With that Crenshaw theme color The baby Blue. Um Look that they had. I thought the Grizzlies Look was kind of sleek, not to, um Flamboyant, but definitely I kind of dug the aesthetic of what the Grizzlies we're going for The Nets. One has sparked a lot of conversation, the whole boscap theme. Um I like most of what they've done with their merchandizing. So I was I was into that. I like the Basquiat like almost like prey on Style lettering that they did I like the Atlanta Hawks. Um, uniforms as well. I thought the Atlanta Hawks ones were cool despite disperse the fiesta colors that they used to use for the old logo on the warm ups..

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