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So go to relief factor dot com, feel the difference. There are freaking out at the Seattle times Seattle times a left wing paper in Seattle, Washington. Because what they're really noticing is that the impact of 2000 mules is beginning to be felt on the ground. And so you guys an article, which is talking about a Democrat, mason county auditor patty McGuire. This guy is basically been the election auditor for about two years. And he says, quote, when I started in this business election officials were sort of treated like pharmacists, trusted innately. And I suppose that's true. I mean, I would say that was true of me. If I think back to all the years I've been in America, I kind of assumed that you could trust election officials, just like you can trust pharmacists, so a lot of trust in institutions. I at that time believe you could trust the FBI. You could trust cops, you could trust statements coming out of the Defense Department. That were accurate assessments of what was going on around the world. So we're living in a different America now. But the Seattle times is blaming what they call election deniers. Well, these aren't election deniers. These are election skeptics, and their election skeptics who have come to realize that our system, our election system, is broken and is not only broken, but is regularly twisted and manipulated, we have been dealing with. And we certainly were in 2020 an unlevel playing field. Quite apart from 2000 meals, if you just read Molly Hemingway's book rigged, which by the way doesn't talk about any election fraud. But what it talks about is ways in which the system was gamed and structured to benefit the Democrats. It's almost like saying we're going to talk about different ways in which let's just say a bank was made vulnerable to a heist by creating unsupervised doors and windows by not having proper security cameras, by having inadequate guards or letting the guards take time off to go and have lunch. And then also with by telling the tellers not to be too rigorous about matching signature as well, that's a bank that's going to be vulnerable to robbers. Now, it doesn't mean that the bank was robbed. That requires a separate showing, but this notion that our elections are kind of like a pharmacy efficiently managed, what's your prescription? Yes, of course. This is the kind of bogus assumption. This is the most secure election in history nonsense that we've been hearing ever since the day after the 2020 election. Well, it turns out that there's a bunch of Republicans now who don't trust the process and are doing what they should do, which is they're getting involved. So here's Steve uncle, a Republican he's running against Maguire. And when he was asked why he's running, his answer 2000 mules. He goes, listen, I need to and of course here's the Seattle times. A movie by conservative activist dinesh d'souza that makes quote unproven and discredited claims about a massive ballot box stuffing scheme by Democrats. First of all, it's not unproven. The proof is actually in the movie itself and second of all, it's not discredited. No one is discredited. I've been on this podcast alone responding to a lot of the demon kings by debunking them myself. Dunkel is also been endorsed by Douglas Frank, a prominent election conspiracy theorist from Ohio, who tours the country touting claims he's discovered secret algorithms. I don't know who this guy is. I've never heard of him. But evidently, again, you know, I don't trust us the adult times just because they say he's a conspiracy theorist doesn't mean that he is. Now this dunkle guy who's running on our side is no fool. These are retired manager at Boeing. And I think very smartly they say he declined requests for interviews from the Seattle times, why he's smart. He knows that these people are chronic liars. They would distort pretty much anything that he had to say. But then the Seattle time goes on to say he's not alone in the Secretary of State race in America first Republican tambourine borrelli. Leaves a group that has sued several city county election offices and she's running. Three candidates for the Washington legislature are listing election integrity as their party preference and Trump endorsed challenges Lauren Karp and Joe Kent, running against Dan newhouse and Jamie Herrera. They have also echoed these same claims. So across the country, nearly two thirds of Secretary of State races in half of the gubernatorial and attorney general races include people who are basically questioning election results now. My favorite phrase out of all this is they call it, quote, the Seattle times a quote slow moving insurrection. So now by even running democratically running and contesting offices, you're mounting a slow moving insurrection. Well, by that definition, I'm a slow moving insurrectionist. Although I hopefully I'm not, I mean, I'm 61, so I guess I'm a little more slow moving than I used to be when I was 30. But I'd like to see Republicans become fast moving and challenging this idea. False idea that everything is hunky Dory that this is just like the pharmacy, no, it's not like the pharmacy and Democrats, as I mentioned in the movie, a very good at paying careful attention to elections. While Republicans focus on campaigns, Republicans are like, let's have a rally. Let's get the message out. Democrats are like, where are these Dropbox is going to be located exactly? Who's going to be opening them? Who's going to be opening the envelopes and looking at the ballots? Who's going to be counting the ballots? Well, finally, Republicans are realizing that we've got to pay attention, not merely to the campaign, but also to all those particular ingredients that determine the outcome of an election. Imagine the lifelong impact of a.

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