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Fulda professor who cares about science communication. This is the weekly show where we discussed the biggest stories from the genetic literacy project to keep you informed about groundbreaking developments from the worlds of science and medicine and of course help you separate facts from fallacies as you read the headlines everybody welcome back to the show cameron and kevin. Here is always kevin. What's going on happy post thanksgiving. Yeah we're on the other side of that holiday and then now in the home stretch of twenty twenty and it's been really great to get good feedback about this podcast. It's been really never lucien and glad that we're doing this every week. So thanks for doing this. Hey man it is my pleasure and yeah it does feel good to see people listening to it and responding to it even sometimes disagreeing with us always exciting on the less. Yeah but it's another thing to give. Thanks for right just in the spirit of the holiday. That people are turning to avenues of scientific information. Like this to learn more about what's happening and i think that's really cool and with that. Let's jump in to some more science stories and keep people getting into science. So i up Biotechnology gave us a cova vaccine. Could that end the gm movement next glyphosate deadly poison or diversity. Protection tool environmentalists are split over the question surprisingly and finally and this may be the greatest headline ever written scourge of pay for play predatory journals american journal of biomedical science and research publishes on satire on kovic with bruce wayne quote from gotham forensics quarterly. So we're going to get into what all that means and what it means for the pure view process these days all these predatory journals so i step kevin. Is this vaccine going to blow up the anti gmo movement. Well according to the author. Alex barroso He's with american council on science. And help ya This is really putting a lot of people into a very precarious position because we've seen all of these organizations rally against genetic engineering and its use in agriculture and there's been so much aggressive attack on on the technology and the people who tell the truth about science well. It turns out that a lot of the organizations involved. Like one of my favorites. Us tk they're they're funded by organic consumers association and other groups that are really against modern technology and modern technology is not just the thing in crops it is now a thing that will likely and a global pandemic and so the genetic engineering used to create the new vaccines the actually all most of the new vaccines of this are on their Target a little bit. I mean these are on their radar and what i thought was really funny about all of this is that you've seen.

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