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Choices about how to run experiments analyzed data means it's seen really easy to produce findings that in no sir thing uh and we have reams of them in empirical economics to take one example a study last month found that in some areas of research not a single palin mandible standards of statistical righa we're not talking mainly about fraud when people simply make up their results that exist but the bigger problem is how honest and committed people in the knowledge factory somehow churn out so much pollution is the system broken if he denied there is a vital caveat says glen begley the entire conversation that we're heading has to be placed in perspective that available today for cancer were unimaginable when i was a medical school the treatment for rheumatoid arthritis for allocating spondylitis those diseases were really very difficult to address when i was a medical school and what we have today with unimaginable so we've made enormous headway the cost is not that all science titles the cost is the huge waste of time and time and that could be contributing to real progress for the white of public the question is also about what to believe glenn begi zach nice these skeptical gene neigbour end in a top tier journal pan from a famous investigator don't believe the pressure to put a spin on the data that makes it more positive than it really is is very significant if that with abc it would be enough that concerns gvir from next weakness.

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