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Utah so much they come to the game here no rap music but they understand it's the nba you get some rap music now some would probably think that has resilience you're probably plays a rap music that is palatable to them that you would think perhaps some mc hammer or maybe some michael moore or something along those lines except the problem is they don't wanna hear none of that read music they can't tell the rap music apart at out there playing like shadowboxing the jizzle what at utah gate i watched the game what's it was the celtics and the jazz they were in utah and he was playing some wu and i was thinking of celtics players gotta be like day the even the dj in utah knocks harder than dj does at the arena in boston because i feel like boston boston is the only ibi of gays where they play in the same jams as they play a hockey games the same exact well just like white whitesnake the best part about having nba league pass in between action when they go to the dj yes the toronto raptors broadcast they go to there's like a dj that hangs out there and he's just got like a cheerleader on each side of him and he's just like music and the two girls are in there like saying to step for like a solid like five minutes during the break because they don't wanna hear the local commercials oh the street you learn a lot about america in the nba via the league pass so close to your point about figuring out who the utah jazz fan is and they also show all these like kiss cam and all these different like dance cam things.

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