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That's another one that I think could play like you said that hybrid role, right? On the line off the line, dropping the coverage and also rush. I think that those are that he's an interesting name here too. Oh, that's an interesting one in the chat. I will point this out. I don't, I have tight end listed as their lowest need. But if they really don't believe in Asia or keen, they're at the point where they can move on from those guys if they feel you're going Connor Hayward here because I became with that. No, no. Two of the top tight ends in this class are actually still on the board. Isaiah likely from coastal Carolina who's like one of the premier athletes in this class. I don't know that they go with him. The other guy that interests me who I thought, I'm not totally surprised he's here, but a little bit. Charlie koller from Iowa state. Yeah. The big guy, he's purely a red zone threat, but as the third tight end to pair with hunter Henry and John Smith, a guy who is a really good blocker, basically he's two best skill sets. You really get run blocker and he's really good at high pointing the football. Having that guy in the red zone, like he's your third side end, you take him here, is your third tight end, he's not gonna play a ton, but he's got a little Tim Wright in him, right? If you remember Tim Wright and the guy they traded for Logan mankins, not a bad, not a bad addition. So I don't, there's a million other ways I'd rather see them go, but if they go tight end, I can kind of see it. I can kind of see it, you know, just they're going to move on from Asia and keen. Fine. Sure. All right. We just named about 50 guys. So hopefully the Patriots take one of them. I have more on 98 funds of sports up dot com too. There you go. More on 95 the sports up dot com..

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