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The weekend box office review from estimated sixty million this weekend warner brothers and new lines it brought its domestic fumed or two hundred eighteen point seven million after just ten days and release that makes of the larger september release ever topping 1980 sixes crocodile dundee just ten he's in second place as lion's gates release of cbs films american assassin which brought in an estimated fourteen point eight million from three thousand one hundred fifty four locations the film also opened in forty one markets internationally word grossed an estimated six point two million with upcoming releases in major markets such as france brazil mexico russia germany and spain on the horizon third place went to darren or unof skis mother which not only open with a supremely disappointing seven point five million and became one of only nineteen films to ever receive an f cinema score suggesting a sixty plus percent drop next weekend at a short lived theatrical experiece fourth place went to reese witherspoon psalm again delivering of better than expected hold dropping thirty eight percent for an estimated five point three million second reach and bringing the films domestic june to seventeen point one million rounding out the top five was another lionsgate hitman feature this one the had man's body guard this weekend it dipped just twenty six percent and delivered an estimated three point five million as the thirty million dollar production is now tops seventy point three billion domestic career at your box office review on iheartradio some we go beyond ufos and the paranormal for something a little more spiritual we are parents would be deeply loved by the divine in power back god that creative story coast to coast am we don't even truly love our dope boom than it ended intimately powerful divine manure being tonight tony eleven on koa newsradio mandy connell here we have one of the most successful and popular with comedians comedy clubs to the.

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