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It's been going on in the world of cereal news. There is so many rumors coming through the the general mills room, or as I like to call it how things bubble up, where where do these things come from? You know, there's a lot of snicks lutes out there that are always stocking different, different new product. Listing sites. I partake in the in the investigation. It's fun to have a little wild goose chase online. And so these a lot of the times these entries come up for new serials in reputable locations, but they don't come with pictures. So we're just left sort of, you know, picture them in our minds like the blind man touching elephant, we just get a taste of what's to come. And in this case. Actually stumbled upon this when myself was to hostess serials like the snack food company. Okay. Never before seen in the serial. Absolutely. I don't think we've ever seen any snack cakes cereal. But when you think of hostess and cereal, you'd probably guess would make a twinkie cereal or a cupcake cereal or one of their their flagship snack cakes. You know the ones that put on a flag if they were sovereign nation. But instead here we got two of their more underrated or niche cakes Honey bun and Howard sugar doughnut. Cereals are the two that are allegedly coming to shows according to what I deem to be trustworthy source. Fascinating. See, I feel like a. Powdered Donut. Cereal could be very interesting. Yeah. We recently saw Cap'n crunch bus out his sprinkled Donut crunch, which was innovative. It really harkens back to the sprinkle spangles of the last century that kind of went unrecognised with the tiny little candies fears that are on top of the larger. You know, candied ring. You could almost see them doing something like one of the frosted Cheerios that like that sort of take grits. OD thing that has like a frosted coating. I can't really be like Howard per se, you know, because it's like that would get really rough in milk, I think, yeah, it's interesting that we don't really have any existing tech cereal tech necessarily compare this to. We don't know which major cereal company. If any is behind these hostess cereals. They could be having some secret cereal technology that we don't know about brewing in their underground twinkie factories to really blast the flavor on there like you see on one hundred powdered sugar debt. 'cause I don't know how they do that. The Honey bun that could be what was that? There's a serial light this, right? Like a cinnamon bun type. Kellogg's did a cinnabon cereal might still be around some of the outlet stores that sell out of date cereals. But never a Honey bun. Very interesting cereal fusion recipe. I like to think of it as well. I hope that we get to check those out. That's pretty good. You never know somebody entering the game for the first time though. You know, they're gonna come out and crush it or they stumble out the gate? Yeah, I don't know, but at least hope they sort of insight little Debbie to join the competition too because I would love to see oatmeal cream pies. Thank do anything. And how about the Yankees cereal? Right. Yeah, could be coming down the line to really blow our minds Caesar to test the creamy waters cry gaffe. Yeah, I don't know how cream filled a tubular shape that I don't think necessarily in the breakfast world before Burston your mouth on your.

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