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Now at in the mirror and i said he can do this darcy and we stood in the front and we wrap these beautiful marc jacobs gifts and gave these rich women their hearty presence not only was it humiliating but the people that actually worked at mark jacobs painted us they hated us they wouldn't give us the time of day if we had to use the bathroom it was such a problem for them they were used to make these high fashion supermodel amazing downtown new york people coming in there and all of a sudden he had these five dorky temps i think we just kind of took the whole vibe down in kind of find the joy in anything or the positively in anything are like the glass half full but this really wasn't that this was like five girls who were ashamed and who were not where they wanted to be and we all felt so bad for each other that even though there is always supposed to be five elves we would let people go early or even given the day off without telling temp agencies like you don't have to suffer through this tomorrow elves gotta look out for each other the one silver lining is that this was my last time shot it was the straw that broke my back and i couldn't do and other day event and after this i started my real career which was wait you're seeing for many years.

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