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With a felony. The FBI will be holding a press conference later this morning. We will have it covered forty. Now. The latest traffic and weather together from the UCLA traffic center. UC health is Cincinnati's number one. Preferred provider for neuroscience care. Learn more at UCLA dot com slash neuroscience. But you're making pretty good time on the interstates thinned out nicely. Seventy five still maybe a bit of a crowd through the cut in the hill, both directions, but four seventy seventy-one wide open at the Big Mac, seventy one and seventy five Likud on the Ohio side in the accident. We had earlier Willer at Montgomery new longer an issue for you Jason Erhard on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w now the latest forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center. We moving your fear of seeing the dentist with the help of IV sedation. Learn more at no fear. Dentist dot com. Showers faded pretty quickly or the tri-state. We will be left with a lot of cloud, cover and wet roads. For this morning. The by lunchtime. Overcast temperatures warming into the mid fifties. High sixty four this afternoon and don't rule out a quick new isolated shower later on today tonight down to forty eight and tomorrow, seventy one and partly cloudy from your severe weather station. I'm nine for warning meteorologist Jennifer catch. Mark News Radio seven hundred w w it is forty eight degrees right now. This news service of weed man lawn care hard, rock international has a deal in place to buy Cincinnati's casino. The deals were seven hundred eighty million dollars by the end of this year. The downtown casino be renamed Hardrock Cincinnati if the state of Ohio approves hard rock Nellie buying the casino and the twenty two acre site downtown, but the purchase includes turf way park in Erlanger as well chairman and CEO of hard rock says they've been very successful etcetera in the Cleveland market. He looks forward to introducing what they call their unique brand of casino, entertainment Cincinnati. Bryant Colmes NewsRadio seven w w search continues for the suspect accused of stealing from an elderly disabled couple while working. As a caregiver. Police say thirty year old Terrell Lee took the couples debit card in between August and November excused of taking over sixty six thousand dollars. He was last known to be in the area victory Parkway north Avondale, if you know where he is called crime stoppers at three five to thirty forty after a discouraging jobs report from February the use academy saw significant rebound with a solid one hundred ninety six thousand jobs in March TD Ameritrade chief market strategist JJ kit. Han says it is obvious how much role mother nature plays in the economy. Where the jobs number makes sense, very encouraging to see that they are a little bit higher than expert Asians. And it also shows the effect. I think that weather has on job can hand says the numbers show. Employers are still looking to hire that February's anemic. Job growth was just a temporary blip on Wall Street. The Dow currently have sixty two points while the NASDAQ gained thirty six the s&p up eleven the reds update. Now lost five in a row. And I'm not scored a run in over two games. The look to get the bats going tonight against the pirates. Our pre game coverage gets underway at six o five. Our next update at ten thirty. Rick chino, News Radio. Seven hundred wwl bluecross blueshield believe everyone should have access to healthcare. No matter who you are or where you live. That's why in every state are.

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