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And so that was kind of the deal and the tv how they found about that i could write television was when we and i said we also need a break curbing away from this gimmick and we got to give him his own name because at that time he was called the interrogator and i was a huge mark for the highlander movie so i'm like column the kirghizs greatest he'll ever of movies you know and so i wrote six weeks of tv because i knew how to do it and i was on a flight from minneapolis i ran into jack lanza we're heading down a tv anna always get along great with jack had grown up watching them i love jay and i go jack ago um i wrote centenial let me see that so i any looks looks and he looks amigos which learn how to do this i said i was reading tony's tv as my ideas you know for the next four weeks i'm gonna show this to rousseau so he shouted two reserves right after that that i could have got that i asked to to start writing tv moved to connecticut so that's i guess how they can find out some of the ideas yeah but you use usaid some and that a lot of people uh as i made my way from steve williams steve austin stunning steve austin given to him by dutch mandell superstar steve lost nishi w ringmaster stone coast evolves of via lucien the the process of finding who and what you are and not being afraid to meal pushy or to take a chance you take any chance are you had an identity now you're going by what the office was that initial out that the ryder pet whatever but so you're thought about you'll the black leather jacket the muck.

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