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Phone lines are open i'd love to talk to you we've got a recall to talk about in fact it is the hyundai and kia situation in this case but nothing to do with what i was just talking about the hybrid models the ion and the niro models may leak oil on the two thousand seventeen miles and because of that that could possibly cause an under hood fire so hyundai and kia are being recalled twenty seven thousand of its 2017 hyundai ionic hybrids and ten thousand of the kea niro hybrids are being recalled many people don't realize that hyundai is the mother company of hyundai and kia and a lot of these cars are extremely similar this is a prime example the hyundai ionic and the kea niro have exactly the same oil hose and engine in most cases a lot of it very very similar and because of this will leak that could possibly happen because of an will hose both of these cars are being recalled so once again if you own a two thousand seventeen hyundai ionic hybrid or two thousand seventeen kia niro hybrid both of these automobiles are being recalled because of a possible under hood fire caused by an engine oil leak more information on that coming out very very soon taking a break phone lines are open for ten wcbs six eighty that's a local number one.

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