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Wouldn't be if they were like yeah i would rather he ended up fishing did you so what kind of animal can you eat plankton can you any animals now not even plankton crank in a deadly he will now it's little animals in the sees what whales eat what about shrimp now what's the rule having with eyes nothing day live ally right i actually got to like i got a chance i can't even a thing that was alive nothing there was alive or in is that really the ruling that really the rule because plants our live near the things that have like a central nervous or things at all yeah plants may have a central nervous system or darrell green lake and that you know of yeah that i know it may discover a planned brain brainer now if the argument another hailed or that i you know what actually pauline i would try to be i would try vegan out if it wasn't so that means rations hard to come by if the if somebody would just you know somebody would email me this isn't everything you know every here's the stuff you can lead to be vegan think like it's unthinkable sunday i'll all funded over here yeah paul we got to break pauline your charmer your can you call more often all i think our once before 'cause i called or what because we're heading up here in the blazers again now here's the thing though now you have to call every with you have to call every week anybody like oh don't let me read you don't have a choice i'm commanding who to call every week all right i'm gonna say i'll i'll send you something that equal okay bye bye bye bye but she's the term let's take a break is wbz the it that's.

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