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Thank you for coming thank you for making a film that we got to come to in our thinking just little earlier since it's that thanksgiving time for some of us who low a little bit about the gilroy family we've got we've got a brother who is also a writer and filmmaker we've got a father is a up with a wellknown writer what was thanksgiving like at a gilroy house it was my father at the head of a big dining room table telling stories that we'd heard so many times that as you was telling them we would raise our handing go like five like we've heard it fivetimes or four times and it didn't stop him by the way not use an irish storyteller he just told stories endlessly and did he also inspire you and a half year i'm sorry for that but i'm glad he was your dad did he inspire you both all three will i know we won brothers wilson editor but the d inspire you all to be storyteller heated in gonna i was just tell ya i i i mean might uber i am i to brothers were born out here and when we were three my father move dissed upstate new york because he didn't want is getting involved in the movie business so he was inspiring in the sense that he that he showed you that that really life is about life and not about the movie business that was inspiring to me and i've taken that lesson very deep to heart but he was not inspiring the sense of go into the movie and i think he was vaguely horrified that we are all going into it and i understand that but would you share i mean there's when you have a creator father like this sometimes that can be intimidating would you of say pop look i written or he was tough he rarely liked things that i wrote how do you deal with it.

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