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And the wbal app twelve o two good friday afternoon to you commuters heading into the sitting on the jfx noticed protesters as they drove by gilford avenue this morning it even at the bottom of the jfx it all relates to a homeless encampments wbal's phil yacuboski live there this afternoon phil robert right now i'm looking at civil dump trucks and other heavy equipment here on gilford where there are expecting the clean out this homeless the encampment that is under the jfx has been clear for some time signs posted this morning by the city told people living here that they must be up by now the clock but the many defied the order and blocked the street with their belongings in protest christina flowers is a homeless advocate she tells me with a call an extent of and encampment it is had been numerous times and bush was city this is tom number six for us to witness the way the city deals without homeless individual so the city says the offer services to those living here but demonstrators say that is not the case they are demanding housing and jobs some tell me they simply have no place to go reporting live downtown on gilford's leon kurowski wbal newsradio 1090 two state troopers her hospitalized in shock trauma a suspect is dead after a standoff at home early this morning in allegheny county state police spokesman ron snyder here allegedly brandished a handgun threatened her with a gun stating this and today that's who was able to get out of the house after a struggle ensued between the two of them um and then she was able to run to a nearby residents um and and call police snyder describing the suspect fifty two year old william charles mackenzie who which killed in a shootout with the state police two troopers were wounded wbal's john patty with more on the story it started as an argument between a husband and wife in their little orleans home in allegheny county it escalated to wear state police say the man threatened a woman with a handgun they struggled and fell to the ground police say the woman was able to escaped will neighbor's house to call police overnight the man refused to surrender a special state police tactical team went in this morning and more shot by the suspect two troopers were hit in the lower body they returned fire the man was hit and.

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