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Why don't we slow down and let the immune system relax? I'm afraid of the immune system relaxes all of a sudden something bad will happen. So I keep going on my parents lived to be eighty five and 86 respectively. I my jeans jeans that we get me to 100 that doesn't happen in my family. Probably my jeans are good enough to get to the mid-80s if I don't do something stupid and that's probably my goal. Well, it's I also want to ask you you mentioned your children. They grew up under very different circumstances than did you and I'm curious like took two. How did how did your experience or how did you translate, you know kind of what those things that you took from your own childhood and the motivation perhaps that it gave you and translate that into your your your role as a parent. Well, I Jackie Kennedy famously said that if you mess up raising your children, nothing else in life really matters. I don't know if you're you have children. But if no, it's it's off. The hardest thing in the world to do is raise children that get to be happy and healthy. It's much harder. If you're successful professionally and you're very wealthy very difficult. The people who are the most successful professionally generally off our people came from Modest backgrounds because they have more Drive they're more driven. They didn't have things handed to them. So I recognized as I was getting wealthier than my children might have less drive. So I did not live in ostentatious lifestyle, you know, I did have you know, you know some things and more than one house, but I tried not to flash my money. I tried not to brag about my money. I try not to do things that would embarrass my children about flashing my money or support if I was doing things that I had a lot of money involved. It was usually giving it away so that people would you know know that I was doing something trying to give back to society. My kids would understand that I often believe that the most important thing you can do for your kids is at Educate them well and and dry and give them some motivation. So I I kids are always recognize my view that education is important. They went two very good Schools. They're Highly Educated all three have mbas so you can say he's failed or succeeded. I don't know but they all are in in the business World basically and you know, I've been willing to help them a bit but I'm trying to stay back and not overwhelm them because of my reputation or my money. So I want them to succeed on their own and I think if they do they'll get greater pleasure out of it than ever seen as having succeeded only because of me so but again raising children in a work in a wealthy environment is very difficult. And as we all have noted that children are very wealthy and famous people don't often become so successful themselves are obviously exceptions, but it's more difficult. Yeah, that's very interesting. You've mentioned your passion for philanthropy and the fact that you intend to give most of your money away. I talked a bit about how you've thought about doing so the the areas in which you've invested you and I both live in Washington DC and I certainly have seen birth. And some of the things that you have done that have benefited everything from the repair of the Washington Monument to key World documents that you put on display at various museums in this city, for example, but talk a bit about the philosophy that you've put towards your giving..

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