Tom Llamas, Fort Myers, Florida discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir - Full Episode: Tuesday, September 12, 2017


In the meantime tonight all across the storm zone people who fled the storm are now returning home to assess the damage and try to get on with their lives to rebuild but millions of those homes still have no electricity and in so many cases no water and making it worse temperatures holding near 90 all across the state abc's chief national correspondent tom llamas near fort myers again tonight for us today outside of blaming beach epic traffic jam residents were evacuated erba now why only allowed to return but for so many coming home it's just the beginning more than four million customers still without power bracing for another night in the dark hour elsewhere 24 hours now here's the fort myers dave and more margie take me inside their own it's complete darkness and when i lose the flashlight that's what it's like for a lot of people here in florida no way see no running water either they got the tub filled up here people uses water bay that uses water to drink whatever it takes to get by repair crews from thirty states and canada over now now joining the teams already in florida it's an intense but we just take it step by step one one one job at a time but restoring electricity to the whole state could take weeks the power outages also leaking to traffic in some cases with the traffic lights out at this intersection of course have to treat it like a fourway stop and that's leading to some backups as you can see clogs the roads as far as the i can see today some drivers ignoring those rules the sarasota sheriff's department reporting multiple crashes the greatest number of fatalities when it comes to a storm whiteness occurs after the storm has passed in lee county at least twenty one people hospitalized with possible carbon monoxide poisoning running of forty spreading the word tonight to homeowners if you have a generator you must keep it outside.

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