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Off their season last night with a victory with Brian Hanley. I am Pat Boyle coming to you from the first Midwest Bank studios. Brian. We got ourselves a hockey team to talk about. How about that? Patrick, who saw this coming? Can they get a point for practice today to keep the streak alive? They're going to try. They're going to try. Be honest. When the Blackhawks started this season owing three And we're out scored 15 to 5 and those losses. You thought this train was off the tracks, and this season was going to be ugly, right? Oh, beyond that. I mean, I thought, you know, the pointed for the goal differential was going to be one for the record books. Even you know, losing five before in that fourth game, they still had five goals, but in very short order, they found a goaltender. And so that you know the rotating three for the auditions. Auditions ended. And then the power play's been unbelievable. And boy, I don't know. Are they getting paid by the hour over there? Obviously, like over time. There's like over time and shoot out. They're not playing the pain. The broadcasters by by how long the games go, But you're right. I mean, in the last 3.5 weeks, they've Registered at least a point in eight of nine games. As you said, it looks like they have a legitimate starting goalie Rookies who you barely knew their names Curse chef suitor. Lincoln in Hagel. Maybe Mitchell. You've seen their talent on display already. You talked about that power play. They've scored a power play goal in 10 of 12 games. PK has been very solid. Most importantly, you seen a young team buy into their coach's message. Be harder to play against be resilient. Be relentless. His team again. We said it last week, Brian They need to outwork you because they're no longer going toe out skill you unless it's 88 on the ice. Right? I think we lost Brian. No, it's speechless. Another, It's instinct is to break it said they knew they had better. Even after the start of the season. I'm not sure I knew they had better because it looked like this was gonna be a very long slog, even in a short season. Um, you know the message Jeremy Carlton is instilled in this team. I don't know, because maybe it's ah, younger team that it's Ah, message that's easier, sold or bought into Patrick Kane's body into it, So once you're best guy buys into it, it's easier for the rest of guys in the room to follow. But is it time to its old premature for me? Because I'm not sure. What kind of coach Germany Contin is in the now It's It's seems like he's Ah, good coach for this team, but I saw Billy Donovan a couple weeks ago look like he had the team going in the right direction. And now they're going in the wrong direction. So it's just maybe it's too soon to tell. But I know a lot of people were not too sold on college and getting an extension before the season and we'll talk to Stan Bowman about that decision when we visit with him. In just a little bit here. He's going to join us here on the hockey show. So do we. All Jeremy College Tin Ah, good amount of praise for righting the ship that was thinking rather quickly in the first two weeks. Well, I think we do. And I guess it really doesn't matter what I think the players think he does. And the buy in from the core. Is paramount like when they had that zoom session when Stan Bowman and Jeremy Collinson had the zoom session with cane tape's Keith and Seabrook. And Danny words. After Tapes when it public in the athletic that I was unaware of this, this rebuild I I didn't see this coming and that we weren't going to re sign Crawford. So they had a zoo meeting kind of clear the air to tell those four Direction this team was taking and what the plan was, and it was a given take conversation. And so here's Patrick Kane the other night. After a Gain that like when you're up 3 to 1, and it's you're going to the second period. You're in a pretty good spot, and then Carolina scores two quick goals in eight seconds and it's 33. I was like, Well, this is where a young team Could could absolutely fall off the rails. They fought back, fought back and they get they get the win. Here's Patrick Kane on Culture that Jeremy Collinson is setting with this young team. To be honest, these guys play so hard. I mean it Z really great, I think. Jeremy's setting the culture here where you know he wants the hard work and he wants guys skating heard and Eyes, winning battles. So, um You know, I think a lot of a lot of these guys do that so well. Something I can get better at two. So, um You know, it's ah, especially lately. It's been a fun group. You know, we've been pretty much in every game and Battle in hanging around whether it's good goaltender her timely scoring or just, you know, um, trying to figure out our game and now it's like, okay, we're in these games. Let's figure out how to win him. And tonight was ah, good example where Playing a great team. You know you're up, 31 They come back, make it 33 pretty quick. And we hung in there and found a way to win the game so that Z It's a kind of stuff you like to see, especially this season and For the 1st 12 games or 44 and four then get a lot of points lately, so I think we can continue this on and Try to keep winning games and hopefully keep making a push here..

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