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G getaways always to weather sunny or was it Brady may have been day. It was rainy therefore he told the lie perjured himself. He went on to say he wrote the responses himself and didn't need his lawyer says his answers have not been submitted yet. But they will be a federal judges ruled the White House must restore the credentials for CNN's. Jim Acosta, the White House says it will develop rules in processes to ensure fair and orderly press conferences in the future. Press secretary Sarah Sanders says in a statement, quote, there must be decorum at the White House. The revocation of CNN correspondent, Jim Acosta's press credentials known here at the White House as a hard pass came on the heels of a heated exchange between President Trump and it Kosta at a press. Conference on November seventh. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House. The town of paradise California has been all but wiped out from the campfire which is still burning in the northern part of the state KCBS reporter, Holly Quan says the debris and devastation in paradise is overwhelming burned out cars, I'm better on public roadways. But they're also burnt out cars are on private land that the CHP doesn't have any right to go onto to go away. Some people have said, you know, I know, I don't have anything left. I just want to go back and stand on my door. I wanna stand on you know, what used to be mined. The death toll remains at sixty three in the estimate of structures destroyed almost twelve thousand including ninety seven hundred single family homes, legendary screenwriter William Goldman is dead at the age of eighty seven the Oscar winning writer who penned all the president's men Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid and other blockbusters died Thursday night in his Manhattan home. Your next news update is at four. I'm Suzanne Duval, NewsRadio eight forty W H A S Kentucky on is breaking news, weather, and traffic station. That was a funny Trump. By you, just ran there. A few minutes ago. It was raining. No, he's lying. It was sunny. He does get down into the weeds on everything to be sure are do you know what the word of the year? According to the Oxford dictionary. It's not selfie, right? It is toxic. Oh is that a word that you use? I don't. Are using it a lawyer, everything or. Yeah. And they're using it to describe, you know, the atmosphere exactly on social media. Yeah. Right. But they'll say, oh, it's toxic and my office. Yeah. Really when they really just mean, you know, it's being it's a catchall word being used now just to describe bad people. Do they collect onto phrases or words, and then they just run crazy with them. There was your word of the year. Right. All right. I have a actual okay here. It is. It's the Britney Spears mix. We had to make a remix for the word. Toxic.

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