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Brian couple of the stories we're looking at P. Jeannie going to have to overall a complex plan so the story out of SF gate this morning addressing more than fifty billion dollars in wild fire claims to gain sender Gavin Newsom supports in time to make a meter make a break deadline getting out of bankruptcy sobering reality hit PGA anyone knew some rejected the company's overhauled restructuring plan include a thirteen point five billion dollars between the nation's largest utility and attorneys representing the people who lost their homes businesses and relatives in a series of catastrophic fires in twenty seventeen twenty eighteen that were blamed on the utility did we have a story awhile back Katie and sherry about how much money P. Jeannie has given Gavin Newsom and his wife over the years yeah that's right I guess it wasn't enough no kidding so the thirteen point five billion settlement of billion dollar settlement was supposed to resolve more than thirty six billion dollars in claims in those victims came after PGA struck a P. Jeannie struck a separate eleven billion dollar deal with insurance who already paid out billions in losses to settlements form the foundation of a plan now in jeopardy of crumbling unless P. Jeannie can placate governor Newsome maybe they should just be executive producer on his wife's next film I'm not sure companies back recent bankruptcy plan must be approved by the state and federal judge by June thirtieth to qualify for the wildfire fun so they have a little bit of time but I guess they'd like to see it by the end of the year that's what to is it from this article I know the story sure you sent me this one and I I don't know if this is a problem it's not for me I'm self employed okay but said the in the U. K. I guess there is a problem with bathroom breaks will taking too much time in the bathroom checking their phones are doing whatever a UK start up company has developed a new downward tilting toilets made to make employees meant to make employees so uncomfortable in the loo that's the British word for bathroom that they take care of business quicker coop the standard toilet is sloped about thirteen degrees forward and that increases strain on the legs making it painful to sit on for more than five minutes said the founder of the company member Gil he told her he told of wired in an article published money anything higher than that he said would cause wider problems thirteen degrees is not too inconvenient but you'd soon one are going to get off that seat quickly just going in there and hanging out that's what I'm I'm wondering is this is this is a big problem maybe you have this problem at work four one five eight zero eight fifty six hundred affecting productivity so bizarre that's what they say the primary purpose is to promote brief relief cutting down the time workers spend on their phones and reducing monetary losses I guess this is a problem in certain areas get listed over who are across the pond there the main benefit is to the employer is not the employees it saves the employer money the standard toilet as it's called was backed by the British toilet association what is that okay that's that is a website I want to go to what do you do I'm the president of the British toilet association it's an organization they campaigns for better bathrooms in offices in public spaces I then they take a lot of crap.

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