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Story is coming up in five minutes the LAPD confirms it's pulled seven officers from active duty reportedly because of their actions against protesters more the next fifteen minutes three fifteen now traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives and here's to miss Fonda you're a slow drive on that six oh five if you're northbound at leaving Norwalk right at the one oh five you're getting hit the brakes and it's going to be slow for you northward as you had it to help with your bowl of art that looks good neither would he spend starting to slow just past imperial in Anaheim hills to east of gypsum canyon so that is it right past the two forty one and some are going to see a break that glass in the roadway to check these better coverage that's in your left lane Newport beach injury crash just reported on the seventy three if you're headed south this is a bison all the activities on the right shoulder we've got a car that went off the embankment and landed on its side supposed to pass four five south but you're getting office still closed because of the overnight brush fire off the ball the Boulevard and supposedly as close to that fire areas so you need to stick to the four oh five this afternoon and a brush fire that job was causing a lot of concern for folks is out and Mulholland in cold water it's a knock down but you have big delays on coldwater Mulholland so you might need to find another way through there including Beverly Glen Benedict canyon and laurel canyon thanks reported three twenty five I'm Denise fondos more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio another hot and sunny day across the south and we have a new heat advisory being issued for the coast of LA down to Orange County and also some of our inland communities in Orange County that's because we're expecting even hotter.

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