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They'll also send five dollars aspca there's more we're giving away some cheddar some guacamole some casual download the app tweet your cash tack to at part my take and we were ordered a lucky award winning listener with cash every episode who'd we do at gank tyler bieler eighty two all right so download the cash right now you five dollars right off the bat with the reward quote barstool five dollars to save dogs and if you tweet us at part of my take we'll give you some cash possibly all right here he is mike mayock all right we now welcome on very special guest it is mike mayock from the nfl network it is draft week it is the best week of the year for a guy like you mike what what is the feeling right now sitting there sunday you're in dallas getting ready for the draft are you excited or you sad because this is the last time for like ten months that people wanna hear you talk about you know the third best wide receiver on nc state and how it could fit in the nfl i to be honest with you i'm tired of hearing me talk finding point i've had enough and the reality is you know i grew up a coach's son and i played the game i played two sports play football and baseball and college three in high school i love all the sports and this is kinda my super bowl week so i get and i already got butterflies i'm fired up so you're so i've always wanted this you obviously do so much.

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