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To the world shapers conversations with science fiction fantasy on loose. About the creative process. Your host, and this episode guest. Welcome to another episode of the world, shapers conversations sides, fiction and fantasy authors about the creative process. I am your host Edward Willett, and before we get started with today's great interview with air. Clint I have a couple of special things for this episode. First of all, I am very pleased and proud to announce that the world shapers has been shortlisted for a twenty nineteen Aurora award by the Canadian science fiction fantasy association. This is a fan voted on award similar to the Hugo awards in the United States, and the world shapers has been short-listed in the category of best fan related work. So very excited about that. The awards will be presented at Ken Kahn in auto in mid October. You can check out that convention. It can hyphen con dot org. And if you are in that area, it's a great convention..

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