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And now the Bill bombs were apparently sent or perhaps apparent bombs were sent to liberal public figures and CNN also John Brennan was the recipient of a bomb. I would not call him liberal. But he has been the ire of some Donald Trump tweets the return address on some of these bombs was Debbie Wasserman Schultz. So is this an incompetent bomber was this an incompetent hoax ter-? What are the motivations of the bomb? Stor slash hoax. Ter- if this person or persons really meant to kill or at least hurt these mostly liberal institutions that would mean that the right has gone crazy to eggs such person on. No. But if these were false flag operation made to make the right seem extreme by attacking the left that will make it look like some elements of the left have gone crazy. No. The guy who shot up the abortion clinic, and Colorado is a symptom of the antiabortion movement. The guy shot Steve Scalise and the Republican baseball practice. That's a symptom of Bernie backers gone beserk, isn't it? How can you say? Yes to one but not to the other. This is the perfect opportunity to commit to an ideologically consistent position. Because right now, we don't know the ideology of the would be attacker. So I think we have to either say that he or they or her or them is being egged on by some outside force in public or isn't. And I say isn't no matter what the motivations are revealed to be. I would say the blame does not go on the outside force. The blame goes on the would be bomber or hoax. Ter-? I can anticipate your argument. President Trump truly does base the discourse he inspires violence. He literally tells people to beat other. Other people up he provides a permission structure for outbursts. Yes. Yes. I concede. It's not really a concession. I cert- that Trump backers at a rally will throw their fists faster than impassioned backers of any other candidate or any other person in public life but killings or bombings or threaten bombings are the product of a sick out of touch with reality person. Also, I think Trump is the symbol of angry times. Maybe the avatar of it not necessarily the cause of it. I believe that we have always had a base level of violence. And sometimes this gets channeled in different ways. We used to have the phenomenon of going postal was that a logical response to post office oppression. Now, we have the phenomenon the increase phenomenon of massive school shootings mass shootings in general. So that as a popular way to air grievance seems to have replaced the formerly popular trend of political assassinations. I think what happened is or this is at least a theory. We've always had this anger. We've always had this free floating anger, and we have this horrible access to guns, which is the main problem in my opinion. And this anger finds a way to direct itself. Now we short up the defenses against politicians. We got really good at making politicians safe via the security state and psychological profiling and the expansion of who gets secret service and police protection. So once we short up the defenses in that vulnerable area, the free floating grievance chose softer target. Once the story about a guy who invented a shoe that was designed to prevent ankle injuries because basketball players get ankle injuries. So I gave the shoe to a researcher and the researcher got back to me. And he said, yeah. This reinforced shoe could very well diminish ankle injuries. It will almost certainly result in more knee injuries. Because when you have an integrated system str-. Will be visited upon it with the same force. It will then travel through the system it till it finds a weak point. And then it will assert itself. And even though it seems like societies crazier angrier than ever before. There's less violent crime murders down to quote, a recent city lab report that once ubiquitous phenomenon of road rage is down the author looked Google Books and confirm that there was road rage interest in the nineties plateaued in the two thousands, and it has had a relative decline ever since this is one of my least popular opinions.

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