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I can have some power or making sure that the film is not only gun then it also looks good so i have to make sure that whoever is hired as a affects the revised is my guy that i can work with because when i was working on stuff like battle star galactica and buck rogers john dykstra who had just won the oscar coming off of star wars you know or like a big deal at that time and and they barely even had any conversations with the art department at all they had become the kings of motion picture making and the art department was supervised by the visual effects department because the studios for one hundred years new at the art department can but as far as visual effects it was a mystery it was magic and because they didn't understand it they worshiped it so every studio had to have a john dykstra head to head to have grant maquilion a miniature guy so they really ruled the industry for quite a few years until it got to the point when we got around the time of blade runner and thereafter everyone came to the realize ation that the art department individual pecs department were just as important as one another because for a while there you're probably had no say i'm visual effects we had we had sort of been pushed into the background because of the magic and nothing nothing studio bosses like better is is to worship the magic of it something they don't understand they worship so nowadays is leveled out and we we all work together but you know as far as films like the transformers i've i've never seen one but i've seen the trailers and that's enough for me because you know when you get to that level of computer generated images to me it's just like animation.

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