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Asia it is eight thirty AM in Hong Kong and here in Singapore on Juliet's Ali and I've done a Christian or the Bloomberg interactive brokers studios in New York we've got a lot of weakness in shares of Sam song earnings were a huge disappointment will have the latest on that but the stock is down one and a half percent and the cost be is a weaker as a result of that by about six tenths of one percent we also have a trading in a Sydney and Tokyo some negativity there Taiwan will be online at the top of the hour after the lunar new year break and then at the bottom of the coming hour Hong Kong will be in session after yesterday's two point eight percent plunge bear in mind that the the Chinese markets on the mainland will remain closed until Monday of next week closer look at price section coming up right now this hour's top business stories will global corporations are grappling with the rapidly spreading sauce light corona virus that has killed at least a hundred and seventy people John this is the number of coronavirus cases has surged to at least seven thousand seven hundred and eleven even though supply chain disruptions have been limited so far due to being idle for the Chinese New Year this could change as employees stay shot for longer than normal local officials including the municipal government in Shanghai or extending the holiday until February ninth or tenth in various parts of the country meantime some businesses that have been affected by the corona virus including McDonald's and Starbucks these companies have close thousands of stores in China and apple is preparing for some delays in its supply chain at the same time we have companies like Toyota General Motors and Ford pausing production on the mainland well the federal reserve's policy committee left interest rates unchanged we get more from Bloomberg's Michael McKay fed officials made no announcement on when they will stop by T. bills to expand the balance sheet how saying they will continue to buy until after the taxi is it the fed did raise the rate it pays on excess reserves and repurchase agreements widely expected technical adjustments to keep the benchmark rate trading in its range in Washington Michael McKee Bloomberg daybreak gave the ride sharing company lift is cutting staff as the company pursues turning a profit next year we have more from blue bricks Taylor rigs left will eliminate about ninety jobs the dismissals represent about two percent of employees and will affect the marketing and sales departments it's part of lips promise to stop losing money even so the San Francisco based company intends to hire more than one thousand people this year despite the cuts lived has struggled since going public last year like uber lift relied heavily on subsidizing the cost of rights for customers and offering bonuses to drivers both companies have reduced those subsidies in recent months with increased pressure from investors to turn a profit Taylor rakes Bloomberg daybreak Asia let's get a check of what is happening in financial markets here in Asia with Bloomberg's bronchitis in Hong Kong Brian all right Julie thanks very much yeah kind of a middling day here today stocks pretty much mixed here at this juncture the SX two hundred down about a quarter of a percent and U. K. off about three quarters of one percent and the cost be extending some of its losses down about two thirds of one percent as you mentioned the profit Sam song missed the stock did sack about one and a half percent some some did say that it expects improvements in overall business performance this year and twenty twenty but it also sees continued uncertainties in the global business environment in a way it kind of mirrored what we heard from from Jay Powell love he was reasonably upbeat about the global economy coming back but also he did highlight some of the concerns that remain out there are other earnings Tessler reporting better than expected revenue and said the arrival of its next T. V. would be sped up those shares rubble Levin percent in after hours and we had Facebook this warning on earnings the shares trading down about seven percent Dalian one oh eight ninety six WTI crude fifty three dollars a so a barrel and gold is trending higher up four tenths of one percent at fifteen hundred eighty two dollars and ninety cents let me just mention again the yield on the ten year treasury down another basis point now one point five seven percent guys back to you the World Health Organization will hold an emergency session Thursday regarding the Wuhan corona virus a backstep has old like when using the blame but nine sixty San Francisco user in eight all right Julie at the W. H. O. twice declined to declare an international emergency tomorrow could be different as a number of cases surpasses sars meanwhile the U. N. has sent tons of masks and protective clothing to Shanghai the CDC is sending a crew to China U. S. citizens phone back to the states are being house at a military base rear admiral doctor Nancy knight says they'll be an isolation for two weeks we also tack for factors that would make is considering individual higher risk exposure to someone who had known coronavirus in Wuhan expo a close contact to someone living with or cohabitating with someone who had the death or pneumonia or known coronavirus she says they will be clear when they leave there appears to be nothing standing in the way of brexit in two days the E. U. overwhelmingly voting six hundred twenty one to forty nine this is the Boris Johnson divorce deal there was one moment of acrimony as boisterous brexit tear Nigel for Rosh well listen you know you what about national flags we're going to waive you goodbye I will look forward in the future to working with you as sober in if you disobey the rules you get cut off please remove the flags well the the Ferrari button from now on silence but then a bittersweet moment they joined hands this the E. U. parliament end Britain will remain under the current economic arrangements until the end of the year in which time negotiations will take place have any voice your vote in the U. matters trumpet peach when trial questions most dealing of the extent of presidential powers manager Jerry Nadler saying the president thinks he has absolute power is present told us in advance I will defy all subpoenas whatever the nature I will make sure that the Congress gets no information in other words I am absolute and a White House attorney Jay Sekulow this idea that a witness will be called if the if the if this the body decides to go to witness that a witness will be called would be a violation of fundamental fairness of course if witnesses are called by the house managers well the president's council would have the opportunity to call witnesses as well which we would now of course John Bolton this other one making headlines about another guiliani associated left harness went to Capitol today saying both he and Bolton had information directly tying the president to threats of eight withholding from Ukraine in turn for investigation of the vines my goal is hopefully to look at the senators and have them look at me and see that we need to call witnesses the truth needs to come out I'm here on a major most important witnesses that they John Paul told Rachel Maddow the two of us with all the dots together and I want them to see how I'm here yeah the vote a witness is due in two days still appears are still not support to block it from being from being called witnesses that is I space ex five four three two one SpaceX okay nine rocket for fifteen sixty small satellites for for bill of broadband internet business well there's a rumor that I saw I have since we can confirm not confirmed other Paul Paul Allen was on that was on that but he'll be here at the top of the hour all right Douglas thank you I'm sorry I went well long way for that did not you did it but that's okay I appreciated thank you and let's get to Jan Schwartzman he's looking at global sports understand Liverpool is dominating English premier league action can you tell me yeah it's not even funny anymore they continued domination there now nineteen points up in the standings on second place Manchester city you could drive three tractor trailers to that whole after two middle road win over west ham United meanwhile despite a one no loss to Manchester United at yet stadium man city advances to the cab about Cup final three to two aggregate which now sets of the final against Aston villa that'll be a when we on March first looking elsewhere in Europe real Madrid moves into the quarter finals of the Copa del Rey afford they'll win over Serra go so well into Milan is on to the semi finals of the Copa Italia with a two to one win over Fiorentina finally France have you seen tremendous Vance's the group defines quarterfinals a two no win over power Manchester United finally landing midfielder Bruno Fernandes is old Trafford agrees to transfer fee for sporting C. P. that could go as high as eighty million pounds the signing is a first for the red devils in the January transfer period just two days remaining before the window closes huge upset at the Australian Open fifty Dominic team knocking out top seed wrapped in a gallon for says surveys the semi finals where he will next face Alexander Zverev on Friday later tonight the first men's semifinal match second seed Novak Djokovic placed third seeded Roger Federer looking at the women's draw both semi finals tonight top two dash the party against fourteenth seeded American Sophia can in fourth seed Simona Halep facing Gharbi Muguruza Houston Astros agreeing to a two year contract a dusty Baker as a seven year old replaces AJ Hinch as the team manager NBA scoreboard to local teams in action seven off any minute now Brooklyn hosts Detroit Memphis is at the New York Knicks sad news the NFL hall of fame defensive end Chris Doleman passing away at the age of fifty eight from brain cancer a hundred fifty and a half sacks in his career Dan Forsman that you're Bloomberg NBC world sports update thank you Juliette thank you so much down coming up we're going to be joined by Tony Shera director research portfolio manager it's made capital management talking about why my millennials could prove a boon for the auto sector also keeping you updated on the market action it is Thursday here in Asia okay two two five down seven tenths of one percent Sam sung the.

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