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Registered voters, 75% of them said distance learning is worse than classroom instruction. Many said they're struggling to keep kids interested and motivated. Let's update the five in downing. Yeah, it's still quite a mess in the downtown area on the five up before the 605, who started as a multi vehicle collision now some pretty serious injuries all the lanes or stop temporarily again, So your drive is slammed in from the 7 10 just solid. There was another crash at Washington, too, but that's out of lenses on the off ramp. You are looking at Ah Sweeper train gonna have to come in here because one of the vehicles was carrying nails and screws and those air everywhere. Tow trucks are on scene now for a couple of the vehicles, but it's just jammed in solid telegraph is also I don't know It's just if you want to get off the freeway, but it's all also jammed in as well. Mid city Los Angeles 10 westbound at Fairfax. The crash. It's on the off ramp, and it's slowing me down at about Vermont. Buying this guy sponsored by entry attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff has enough data on the 105 Robin trying to warn you about this earlier, but he's one of five still jam from the 7 10 going over towards the end of the freeway 605. There was a crash around liquid and a car fire around the 605 so be careful going through. And right around Dodger Stadium Dodgers rule by the way north and went into the North five. It's a tricky transition through the tunnel, but there's a crash at the end of the transition barely to the shoulder be comfort on through and a huge problem right now, through Chroma west 91 of McKinley Before the 15 on Lee on Lee on ly the right lane is open the backup solid through them, Darren use Westbank magnolia to the north 15 to the West. 90 wanted got really popular. Still better than the freeway not belong. Injured in an action of superwomen superlawyer dot com Jeff KF eye in the sky If I and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbing Banks Dodger stale past the Padres to earn that fourth trip to the national championship Series in five years. Once again, Cody.

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