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Brooke, Sean, NBR six San Francisco ASEAN HD to send the tail station. This is on the hill with a lefty and the righty coming right at you. And Alaskan on Kenyan. Sports leader. All right. Welcome back to the final hour of a blue Bill last. Where the great I mean, Gary Lavelle was great rob Nance outta grouts. Of course, all three good friends of ours and could pitchers. I mean when you look at the numbers, and you start looking at all time, save leaders. And you know, what was good about Scotty and our conversation with him was it's difficult to go from earlier to starter or started early. It is really difficult and you're doing it at a major league level. I don't know how those guys do it into. It's hard people think it's easy. It's glad I knew that. I was pitching today. Oh, you know everywhere. Tomorrow Sunday, again, they'd have my you know, at least three starts on the boat. I know I'll be pitching against like you'd see who'd on pas go to be read the papacy who was hot who was playing with. Oh, man. I got and you'd be aware. Of course, you get the Scott report to so most of the time, you just had to get yourself ready to people ask me, what did they do for you analytic Weiser's scouting wise things like that. And literally you and I talk about this all time we used to go in the sporting green and look at box for who was hot hot who discovered report was real simple. This guy's a first ball. Fastball hit if you know you catalog that in your brain anyway, but most times God will pull this guy's hot some kid came up from triple eight. We didn't know they give you the scoop on him, and you know in all ya. Young players good fastball hitter. So I mean being a fastball pitch I would show them a fastball. You want to try to get them with the breaking ball you change. Yeah. Well, and and that's a lot of things have changed because even back in our day. Some of the scouting reports you you question on who is the scout. What was he watching because his meows, a sinker? Ball slider. Say can't hit the slider. And I'm like, well, he hit my slider. So there's a lot of things have changed. And it's good for the game is good for knowledge of the game knowledge of the opposing team as just putting into the play. Yeah, for sure. All right. Well, our next guest is our surprise guest. Vinay we're going to bring him on. So our surprise guest. If you're there. Hello, Mr. guests. Our you. I'm here. I'm here. Okay. Now this mystery guests played with vita blue with the San Francisco Giants in nineteen eighty eighty one. Is that correct? Yes. Okay. Now, you were an outfield or correct. Yes. Okay. Now, were you a right handed hitter or a left handed hitter? Did you switch over white handed all the way? Quite get. Okay. Now. Also, you're really good friends with Willie McCovey. Is that true? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. To all right. And you know, some of the outfielders that you had in their early eighties. Gary Matthews was one of them. Yes. I think also Hernan Larry her was another good name vited. You remember him? Larry heard or mystery guests yet. Okay. That's good. Well, the mystery guests also started out his career as a Kansas City Royals that correct? Now you also transferred from the royals to the brewers. Correct. Milwaukee Brewers yet. Yes. But you ended your career in Canada's Montreal Expos right along with you Bill. Yes, sir. We were we were teammates we were teammates and early eighties. And then we were teammates and the expo any idea. Vita? I don't have a clue that's even better. Right. Mr guests. We got her. All right now, you should not do hear that laugh by that. You should have caught that that lafley right there. No idea by figures out row quick he ran into one of my buddies up and me. No. And he told one of my buddies. I couldn't hit water by fell out. So vital mystery still I'm still have that one. Brain sale left. Okay, now, hold on mystery guests I'll tell him where you're from. And I guarantee he'll know this mystery guests, Liz invite Saliou, California, and you actually played the wolf. Good to hear from both of you. Jabel realistically, probably hit three fifty the lifetime. Coming off the best. Charlie Lau one handed swing. The hardest on the ever phase. And I saw to ninety five. Late kate. The Baruch league. It took me a while. I thought you'd get a device sale mayor by Sahlia come on. Let me see where I was from Fresno by. Both of you a great competitors Bill. You came in eighty two did a hell the job, and it's all about pitching. And that's what the Oakland A's had. And also the giants had maybe two. Well, Jim, you know, we we we're talking to Jim Wolford our good friend and you played outfield for she's how many years fifteen major league years. Nice career. I came up with a shortstop George Brett, he's at hall of fame. And I'm here in Pismo beach. Put it that way. We'll see I gotta ask. I gotta ask you you played with a handful of characters manager Jack mckeon, George Bamberger. Let's see who else. I got buck Rogers, my favorite manager of all. I can't stand out. My here. Buck rogers. And also Frank Robinson. Give us some stories on some of these guys. Well, I'll tell you know, Jack in the big leagues and training while he got fired Wijers took all the. But Jan good guy. You end up being you know in San Diego. But Frank is you know, pray was a har-. I was playing American League when he was a player manager for the Indians. Frank was great player. Plus he knew what was going on. He was Mark baseball, man. But he's great player, and he came up at a time when he pushed back every know how to play the game. You know? And then we Dave bristle that one year, we think Dave, okay? But he had a lot of meetings that one. Yeah. Two hundred we leave. That was unbelievable. I melt may and I used to sit next year Imelda's time to go home. His very first big-league catch him on the phone. And the first thing you, send me don't shake off rook you hear everything I put down your throat. Hello. This is gonna be great. Well, Jeff ransom next game. I went said Frank, I don't know if I convinced melting. We knew how Milton may was like a sergeant what he said some too. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Big time. His dad was peaky me. No kidding. Let me let me ask you, George Bamberger was one of the guys, you know, when he was at the brewers man, you've you played with some great players under brewers. That was that was all monster team. Not hobbies things leftover from it was it was before that. Yeah. Okay. Time we had we had Robert. Yeah. Pall Mall, or Gorman Thomas will be so Cooper who we want a hundred games one year. Ten games out. The Orioles one hundred ten dad pitching over there too. No doubt. They didn't have we didn't have you know, whatever they playoffs like have the day. Right. Could've been a while. Yeah. We had no wild twelve. That's what it was. But by tell you he was on one of the best teams in history. Baseball oakley. Yeah. We we had a good run. We can't we have some good games against you guys who in Kansas City. Yeah. You know? But you know, you guys great pitching deep pitching and pitching wins series wins. Sure. Well, wolf a you follow giants as we do and vita came up with probably ten years ago. He's pitching pitching pitching. It's always about pitching. If you've got solid starters. Good middle and solid closers. You're gonna you're gonna win one in two to one game. What what happened giant one three World Series? Ten pitchers. Can't an ad is gone Bopha. Yeah. Right. Absolutely. Eighty two. We had four closers. We had Al what's. Yeah. We had Randy mafias, Gary Lavelle and the moon, man. You laugh you light on? Never got red. But he I take you to her sicker. Same Bill, and you are. Had an over the top. I mean, he he had nasty action on that. And and some of the things that he pulled off base blow nobody out strike out the side to shake nothing. And you know, he he had no fear of any hitter. That was one thing and eighty two eighty three when his top years were moon, man was awesome. Oh, yeah. Him in Kansas City, ashore, stop and he eventually got traded for Fran. He. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That was when you were with the royals was was George Brett still there. We'll fee was George rutta starting. Yeah. He was coming up behind. That's when I being outfielder John shirl was system parm after you say you're gonna go to league, I said what we're gonna do you gonna play out guys winning John? Get over. Play outfield. AGM? What what you did you play triple A and you played Omaha. Right. Yes. Seventy thousand seventy okay. Now, you had Jamie. That was George Brenton Jamie quirk that was his best buddy. I remember him. Yeah. I remember the Q. Yeah. I was started with the royals. That's where I started out in. Yeah. I got traded over. Yeah. I wasn't home. I got traded with rich gale for Jerry Martin, the really crazy, man. Played with him. Guess what? Rich. Gale was the slowest pitcher that could pitch. I mean took them a minute between pitches. I mean, he was well so low as guys to get the ball and throw never forget that he was a human rain delay. Exactly. Well, you know, some of the years you had of course, you had some great years in your in your career. You you talk about George bread and you talk to about the the players brewers. But when you went to the Expos, the Expos had some great players, Tim Raines Carter often, you know, they were stacked plow Steve Rogers. What what was it when you played with some of these great players? You know, how did you manage when you got a pinch hitter? You got to play. How did you fit in with these guys I loved it? I thought I was going to get my World Series. Yeah. We had at all. I mean, Albuquerque being hall fame. I mean. Yeah. The hitting machine rate. Oh, big time. And we had a great wedge Jefford. Steve Rogers, Bill go. I mean, Charlie early Lee. Yeah. Charlie. I mean, we just had a great team. But you know, we're nothing against trial, but his light planning America. But still that was a tough place to play it, really. You guys. What the problem was? And and wealthy will know they had glass partitions up. Whereas like hockey where you couldn't even talk to the fans is like you're mimicking him between last we'll understandings, and you couldn't get any kind of fan base there. And then you had you know, wolf Wolfe's greatest mascot was there. The expo..

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