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You know, these like these these murder fans out there that the that that that love, you know, the Syra killers is kind of like the media's putting it out there that was supposed to take this guy. Some sort of superstar way they got that movie out there. That's why I was mad about on Bilas my little sweetie man, Zakia poof, Ted Bundy, Elliot Ted Bundy, and I listen, and I don't think Tim bundy's that good looking like like people say, he's just he doesn't look crazy. But it looks like a normal somewhat handsome guy. Yeah. And they got they got Zack Ephron play him in this movie. Extremely wicked shackling vile in evil. Staring at your phone. What do you say we get? What is it about this guy? When I feel his love feel it come on. Things. You don't have. I think I must be lost. That will shut QB on your worst nightmare. You know? It's you'd have been dead in a month. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Man. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. You know, this is you know, you got there's a controversy about this movie with a talking about man you watch. 'cause we watched the whole trailer is making it seem like it's some like some like some caper something like a heist not murder like thirty women possibly more. And I think that's why it's a perfect time to have the series you out there because series series is a dressing that whole thing of series that I was talking to her talking. One of the screen just when blink. Did. You mention that cute. Ted bundy. If you don't say series not. But this is a dressing that at the perfect time. Now when Ted bundy's becoming somewhat of a trend, again, this is saying, you know, let's let's talk about this whole thing of the the average to look in white male not being threatening. When they're being we don't I'm not saying, I'm not talking about white people. But you know, this because we don't look at that group. There's a lot of shit going on in taking the norm. And this week. I've been looked at you can get away with a lot. Yeah. Well, we're looking at terrorists white nationalist are like, you know, coming up while you're looking at somebody like this guy in the background with his, you know, who would who's not as good looking as his guy who's the creep on a normal every day that that girls are coming into the store. This guy's the real one. That's doing all the the shady shit. I liked that this is the dress in that right now. And I think that the doing it in a really cool way. Because. One of the things that this series wants to do the challenge everybody. I'm really does it challenged meal net will save here. 'cause I knew from the preview what he was all about. And this first episode. It tells you very clearly what he's all about. And I was I was curious about the show. But I wouldn't show is going to watch. It a lot of people were like, I don't know. We can't stop watching it and took my daughter going like, I don't know data. What is pretty good? You've gotta watch. And I was like all right for you. I was struck..

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