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Maybe a letter from some town down the way. But it's like a yobs that's what you got and so in our congregations deal with us to are. They can literally access any teaching. They walked off from all over the end. They just get. It's a firehouse bombard and so i think on the one hand we can't do everything on the other hand we have to recognize the reality of what are people are taking in and so i think what you guys said is really good. I think what should govern what we engage with as pastors is what is affecting our people right. You have to know your sheep and know what is influencing them like justin. You talk about knowing people from your church or affected by this and are still affected by it and so you lean into that as a shepherd. So i can't debunk every thing. I don't have time to listen to everything. Read everything. But i do care about what my people are taking in and shepherding them on how to process that stuff yelping something else and i think also.

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