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Point one K. F. B. K. well not all viruses set out to cause widespread death and sickness some actually have the potential to fight cancer now a report out today researchers in Japan have genetically engineered a family of viruses called a Dino virus that cause mild symptoms replicate inside cancer cells and kill them another wild night in Minneapolis to report this morning of course Minnesota governor Tim Walz called in the National Guard Thursday looting broke out in Saint Paul and Minneapolis there was more violence overnight this is all over the death of course of George Floyd all but destroying a whole bunch of neighborhoods we've got some recent updates on the protests walked in this morning we're joined by ABC's Jim Ryan he has more those updates what happened overnight and also about this officer who was involved in boy I just I I grew up in that area Jim and I can't believe what's happening at city well here are you it's pretty shocking when you look at video in a special place you're familiar with that so that's you know yeah it's shocking to see that anytime that that that that some confinement is happening while several buildings were gutted by fire overnight that third precinct building was heavily damaged the police building there it had been evacuated already the mayor of Jekyll crying headquarters the place of thank you would when you saw that things were getting out of hand you did call in the middle B. R. governor called in the National Guard yesterday they were on scene there this morning it things are fairly quiet smoke is still rising up from above that area but as you know there were demonstrations in other cities last night including Los Angeles in Denver here Lobel Kentucky was a reaction to what happened with George Floyd but also with the local case there involving a woman an African American woman who was shot and killed this past month the by police officers who were serving a so called no knock warrant on her part so it's been a wild night from coast to coast really the officer who was involved I I read something yesterday that there were complaints about him like maybe ten or or or or more what do you know about him he's not been arrested as far as I know anything new on that development he has not been arrested officer Derek hill and at the help prosecutor there Minneapolis go looking at charges in gathering evidence she says she does not want to pursue something that doesn't have all the I's dotted that did that he's crossed which want to make sure that everything is in line before this is presented to a grand jury or whether charges were brought in that case you trusting thing here a show on the officer here the one who had his knee on George Floyd snack apparently knew him he may have been working with him for some time they both at work security at a building or a club there in that area so the fact they might have known each other for several years just a new wrinkle in this really tragic and bizarre story what is that is phenomenal Jim thank you so much A. B. C.'s Agim rhyme with the very latest that is brand new I have not heard that either well that makes the story even more complicated if there was a past history between those two individuals that could really change things no wonder the prosecutors said taking out some time in her investigation I think she indicated yesterday and some of the reporting that I read that there are other elements here that have not been reported that must I might even at that might have been mailed to me I don't know it does change things a lot time for traffic.

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