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The village that I didn't really expect. But it was cool. I mean, I got to go to like, what are the other thing that sucked? Was I wanted to go see Sean white and, you know, and all like the other sports and all that, but in Korea, it was like, they were like two hours away from us. So pretty much if I wanted to watch any other events, it was just the stuff that was like on ice pretty much. So I went to like a curling hatch. That was fun. A carer is named it. I think that they might have wanted that year, but there was the one guy that was just out with a huge fan of the curler and then I remember they won their medal and then I was just I went down to eat and he was just all at the McDonald's and just enjoying, I don't know, those guys were awesome. And then I saw the short track speed skating was one of the most electric events I've ever been to in my life because they're like the long track was slow because it's like a marathon pretty much. And then the short track came on and I was just blown away by it because they're going so fast they're passing the baton and just kind of going to those events was kind of my favorite part, honestly, because I didn't go on that great for us on here. I know you mentioned McDonald's twice already, but did you develop a taste for the Korean barbecue over there? They got some great food there, don't they? They do. We didn't really have it like the cafeteria was pretty standard, but my parents were there. I went to one of the barbecue places. One of the days with them. I was surprised. I mean, the food was good there. It was super, I think the best way to say it is like clean. It was just like super clean there and the food was good. I had a great time. Be honest. When's the last time you fight up the YouTube clips from the world juniors? Like, before this interview? No, I mean, it's been a while. It is something that I'll see people tweet at me or like it'll show up and it's something that I'll watch and it just it still gives me goosebumps. I mean, it was that type of moment for me that I just didn't expect and it was.

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