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To try them out today. Yes allows powerful carful explanation while tetons from doing body and other creating sailor energy. So let's talk about some of the best foods for helping. Heal the gut and also the foods that you know stephanie. Gophers from the food foods land bright restrict our ability to produce key talents and more inflammation got. Also foods helps us. Yeah so when when patients or people when we talk about what. We are most afraid of in terms of health conditions. The things that you see even the heart disease is the most common. That's not what tops the list. You tend to see cancer and alzheimer's disease. And then you see then you see cardiovascular disease great news. Ketogenic diet helps us to address all of those and so foods that we want to utilize first of all Less food less calories and that's a big stumbling block for people you know. We're moving into holiday season. It can be natural to want to over indulge and we have patterns. We come home. Maybe stress at work or stress with the family or just relaxing. And so it's a comfortable time to eat to eat more calories than we should So one of the nice things about being in ketosis or ketone bodies themselves is that they make us less hungry. It makes this the chiba at all. Every single one of us has thought. I should reduce my calories. I should be better about this and had a failure along the way. And that's because simply get hungry and we were driven to go look for alary so when we have kitchens in our system we are less hungry some birds that help us with that first of all you can take exoti- capetown's but we'll we'll talk about bad abbot some bands that help us with that coconut oils. A great goto. Those medium chain triglycerides are fundamental and our ability to make more a key towns and so we get those from coconut oil. It's a great thing. They start utilizing more of the diet. Whether or talking your protein sake and tablespoon and there in the morning or we're talking about saute some vegetables Giving it more substance giving it more fat can really be useful in terms of helping the gut and one of the things that we're learning. And so of course it goes without saying we need to get out sugary foods. We need to get rid of sugar. We need to get rid of the white flour. If it's white it probably needs to go. Those are going to be things that spike insulin. Those are going to be things that keep you from. Getting in kito says i while we know that it's high fat diet. I never liked to see the vegetables. Go so it's still a nice strong focus on greenlee things Having spinach around throwing some stews or throwing a shake you gotta keep the fighter nutrients and then from there what we're learning. Is that when you do that. This is moving into ketosis. Having a qatada diet is one of the best ways to restore a healthy gut lining in fact. They're even saying that. Some of the data around seizures is not just because of the intake. Fats so when i think of seizures i think of. Where's this happening. It's happening in the brain and the brain is eighty percents that so change the diet to better bats better fats in the brain. This must be how seizures work at or seizure. Control works from the diet and it does impart but we're also learning. Is that diet. Changes bluer in the gut. It produces something called ackerman and that akron has been found to be part of the anti-seizure potential that same achromatopsia creates a thicker lining on your gut creates this mucous lining that helps to protect the gut and buffer. The got making sure that proteins don't come into the body that shouldn't making sure the gut lining is soothed and working well so nutrition moves into our system and so a lot of the benefits of those ketogenic foods like coconut oil. Like good healthy nuts in the diet that can provide healthy fats to us like avocado wonderful source of healthy They're not only changing our fat biochemistry but changing our microbiome and that does a couple of things for us. Changing that microbiome. One way we reduce inflammation in the system and changing those bats also changes the inflammatory load because it works on this little part of the cell and we know the peroxy is an anti inflammatory pathway. This is why you've been taught about fish oils as being anti inflammatory. This wild why we've been taught about something like cla helping metabolism because it's a fat that works on those paroxysms ketogenic diet healthy fats. Also work on those barracks zones to create anti inflammatory fats. In our body anti-inflammatory prostate prostate landon. Which helps our brain helps. Our weight helps our energy. And so when we can incorporate these foods enjoy our diet a very powerful tool to help us with most pathologies out there. Yeah so good. So you're saying let's get these healthy bats the narrow lots of vegetables. Let's keep the carbohydrates so the grains the sugars things like that. Let's keep those out. They spike insulin. Osu wanna keep her insulin down. Low amnesty less often right. And so there's a big a big thing like if you eats once or twice today as opposed to three to five times a day using the same amount of calories. You actually have twenty five to fifty percent less insulin. That's released when you do that. And and there was a big study. That just came out that really confirm the low carbohydrate hypothesis sometimes were taught that the data is back and forth. I think it's a little less back and forth. And sometimes the media would like us to believe really every time they set up a study to try to prove that high fat diets cause you to gain more fat. So that's the bias. They're trying to show that it does that in when you have bias in a study you influence it so even with the influence. It's failed to show that high fat diets are the diets that keep us from releasing insulin. Guess what else keeps us from releasing insulin. Not but he tones. I used to think well the only good key tone is the one we make because it must come from fat cells and so if you're making your cheap then you're breaking down your own fat and that's the benefit that i was wronged. Yes there's benefit to that. Of course that's how we lose weight but exotic key towns helps mimic what our own she toned bodies do when i take some heat towns. I'm going to be less hungry first of all because my body says Food is scarce right now We're hunting we're gathering. Don't disrupt the hunt and the gather with billing more hungry so those kitomura a single to my brain to eat less then..

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