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Dot com slash t._a. If you look for it this is what the beginning of what we're seeing for f._x. Getting that disney fusion where they're really ramping up originals be it scripted or unscripted. I'm strongly in favor of anyone who wants to push into the non fiction space pushing in i. I just think it would be worthwhile for f._x. To kind of figure out what corner of that genre they wanna attempt to fill space in because for example showtime has done a remarkable job of kind of grabbing the high ground in music base documentaries for example and so you know doing a documentary sure you can do it but it's going to look like you're sort i'm trying to do what showtime doing so but they've also got stuff in the true crime space and i think for a first slate. It's it's pretty robust. It's pretty yeah. I mean look. They're gonna they're gonna put these on and we'll see what works and maybe from that. There will be a strategy emerge but i think for an initial slate. It's pretty impressive by all means. I strongly encourage f._x. Is to do this. The more places there are on television for nonfiction storytelling to home the better and also the more lists of nonfiction storytelling that you agree agree to do that. Don't involve documentaries about how hunky <hes> ted bundy is or was the better in my opinion. That was the point where i left the room when an exact and and i won't name who was described as hunky ted bundy that's when i knew it was time to go out to the bar yeah enough enough already with ted bundy folks move on yeah well. That takes takes us to our second topic of the week. I feel like we've been talking about this now for a couple of weeks but david benny off and dan weiss have departed their longtime home at h._b._o. And after offers from disney and amazon have signed what sources sources close to leslie. I have no sources say is a two hundred million dollar overall deal to create tv series as and films for net flicks domes is also <hes> that is a a a lot of money and good gracious. That's that's a lot of money <hes> leslie i have. I have almost no way of processing that amount out of money for two people whose t._v. Resume contains one entry right but that one entry happens to be one of the biggest shows of the t._v. Era i've lost count of how many awards it's one. It's one i think didn't win. A peabody definitely talk so it's basically the show of the moment it's gonna win another regardless of how divisive the series finale with fifteen to twenty more and i mean you know the big question for me is what netflix is actually paying for what they're going to get on this return turn. This is the story that i'm i'm reporting out a little bit more right now but you know look benny f._m. Weiss have three star wars movies already lined up for disney so i can't can't imagine disney or lucasfilm is going to be all that jazz when they're like yeah we're going to focus on those and then we're also gonna do these other things at the same time it just seems like netflix paid two hundred million dollars to be fourth in line for benef- in.

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