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That's closed inside the Pru tunnel and Storrow drive east and westbound ramps to Kenmore square remained close this support. Sponsored by Lowe's. Do it right to get your garden growing by show shopping lows spring black Friday sale, you'll find great deals throughout the store like five bags of miracle grow all purpose garden soil for just ten dollars. Do it right for less. Start with Lowe's. Offer valid four seventeen not valid in Alaska. Hawaii. See store for details. US only. Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the threes. Thank you. Kevin some clouds some sun this afternoon could be a couple of showers. The high sixty eight right now sixty one and wind advisory goes into effect at five this afternoon through eight tomorrow morning, tomorrow, still windy with sunshine and wind gusts to around forty miles per hour and a high of sixty one right now, it is sixty one degrees and overcast in Boston at twelve thirty four the storm that pounded us. This morning is also knocking out power and canceling hundreds of flights across the nation. More than one hundred sixty thousand homes and businesses across a half dozen states have no electricity. Heavy rains winds gusting to seventy miles an hour. And the possibility of hail could make this a miserable Monday for millions of Americans from coast to coast nearly a thousand flights are delayed and close to five. Five hundred are cancelled CBS lane. Hillary has more on the impact to the southern states, April storms caused extensive damage and at least a dozen injuries. A suspected tornado pounded the small city of Franklin about one hundred twenty five miles south of Dallas. The winds was knocking motorist off the road and into the. A train in Louisiana. The storm system dumped heavy rain causing flash flooding left cars and trucks struggling drive-thru emerge roads and highways as of last night. This storm is also being blamed for at least eight deaths in the south. Well today is.

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