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Going to make it better goal exurban reasons not only to him is going to continue to make wagers one last on this show and and you're gonna make your again celebratory love itartass a bit went to the you you went to notre dame he those two schools play a huge game saturday aim writing a yes a knock saturday night can't wait a day is there it's gonna be really going really looking forward to that anyway so they're gonna make it bets were asking you on twitter just at us and suggest to us what wager these guys might wanna make on this huge showdown so jerry waters to aid for loser moscow on the other show and seeing the opposing teams fight song man i've done that doesn't seem like enough it's just a couple of losses that i've had i do seeing the ohio state fight song a lost the isidore them to chris beal maher wrecked v after a pool came out i had a bet us he noted aim you a c one added weren't anthony muna's jersey in notredame bookstore at a booksigning butcher's horrific gaz caraman all and then obviously the hot peppers are the hot thought the hot peppers and i got pie in the face by magic johnson who really enjoyed it more than two show now he said that it was something he enjoyed more than a winning championship was just stunning i've lost time and time again lustre rebecca lobo when when again for yes for the connecticut women and notredame women by basketball time and time again to where i'm done betting that one while you're forgetting.

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